2011 Audi TT 2.0 TFSI Review

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http://www.westsportscars.com review of the stunning Audi TT 2.0 TFSI.


MacJormaXQ says:

One day, one day after 20 years I will own a car like that, maybe

Duham Zanotto says:

It has climate control, I was worried the guys at audi might have missed

Duham Zanotto says:

A work of art, stunning

naomihbl says:

I get my brand new 2014 one on the 3rd March. Can’t wait!!!! :):)

Jake Jansen says:

The 2015 model of the Audi TT is gunna change the game on how we drive.
Probably one of the most tech cars to be presented(also the BMW stands
there ground with the New I series) but im an Audi fan. One day….one
dayyyy muahahahhah

TheLiverpoolfan69 says:

My uncle has this car in white its very fast

Sebbie McDonald says:

are you driving that in dorset? it looks just like it 

Jennifer Richardson says:

I bought the RCZ (Peugeot) 2011 and I read reviews that the Audit TT
performs a bit better. But I think the RCZ has out-designed the TT in the
looks department. The TT is great but in my opinion I think the RCZ is the
better looking sports coupe between the two. 

strumpeteer says:


Mahchu says:

Just wondering, is it still under Audi warranty?

Memphis DIY says:

Hallo! Sehr wunderschönes Audi! TT S-Line ist einfach prima! Jetzt ich habe
ein 2002 VW Golf GTI, aber ich denke, mein nächste Auto ein TT wird.
Entschuldigung mein schwach deutsch. Gtrüße aus Ungarn. Hello! Very nice
Audi! The TT S-Line is simple perfect! Now I have a 2002 VW Golf GTI, but I
think, my next car will be TT. Sorry for my bad English. Greetings from

Xapple4everX says:

Discovered Google translate?

David Lopez says:

Cool review!

Paul Cornil says:

La traduction en français est effroyable. le traducteur devrait revenir à
l’école et repartir à zéro. ces explications sont bourré de fautes de
grammaire et sont incompréhensible…..

Usuariodeloscojones says:


WestSportsCars says:

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