2011 BMW 128i Coupe Review, Walkaround, Exhaust

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Gulf Coast Auto Brokers of Sarasota says:

Thought we’d bring you all this #BMW 128i which was spotted at auction. 1
Series has been praised for being a nimble & fun driving machine. Theres
little to flaw about this Bimmer other than it’s cramped back seat & it’s
design being somewhat long on the tooth as it hasn’t been refreshed since
introduction. Remains identical for 2013 & still does a great job looking
sexy but the question is, does BMW have anything along the pipeline for the
1-Series? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon enough as the 1-Series practically
is a class of it’s own.

ese fisher says:

Just bought one of these waiting for it too get to germany, anybody got any
ideas for rims ?

ItsGzla says:

“Oh shit handle” xD

Jax975 says:

this review was very helpful to me, i ended up buying a 2008 128 a week ago
and i LOVE this car so far. It looks and drives beautifully. The steering
feel is amazing, a nice heavy feel. Optimal milage on the highway is at
75-80 mph! i drove 2000 miles in 2 days and got 29.5 mpg for the trip and
that includes some thrilling accelerations over 100mph :)

maze2two says:

That reliable “oh shit handle”, comes standard by the way.

CWRT says:

Sorry, I just cannot drive a coupe.

Joshuabrutl says:

If I own ANY BMW Ever it will be a 1 series , It’s the perfect size and not
as pricey as a 3series and this is coming from a guy who hates BMW

MrKoctail says:

was this a manheim auction? what location is it? do you buy cars at auction?

Rtvoll says:

I just can’t see paying 30,000 for this. Never really been a big fan of BMW.

Awan Ali says:

Not to be rude, and this whole channel is amazing, but this guy doesnt have
what it takes to do these reviews. I’m sorry. Sofyan is just so much better.


What’s the best EUROPEAN LUXURY car out there?

Ed H says:

“when it comes to 1-series, 128i is the most basic version of a 1-series”
Come to the UK and see the street lines with 118d’s.

David Malinovsky says:

There’s a new 1 series in Europe as of 2012 with turbo4 power in 3 and 5
door hatch form. The 1 series coupe and convertible will likely become the
2-series and BMW is developing a 1 series sedan

1bentley4ever says:

That would be true IF the 1-series was mechanically identical to the Mini
Cooper, a lower priced BMW product.

sparkymike83 says:

cling ….. cling …. cling…

DasBeatz says:

Wouldn’t someone WANT idrive? I’m confused.

George Mathew says:

I just wished they offered the 3 and 5 dr models in u.s

harlemkiid149 says:

7:07 oh shit handle lol

Intechdude300 says:

I’d have to disagree with the just wanting a BMW emblem statement. I was
recited the same with my Mercedes & I couldn’t help but just chuckle as
I’ve owned 5 cars (Japanese & American) b4 my current ride, & by far the
Benz is the best riding & most solid car I’ve ever had despite being
oldest. Same can be said with 1-Series in some senses, I wouldn’t dare
compare it’s solidity & road manners to say a Civic Coupe, BRZ, MX-5 & etc.
One buys a pleasurable driving experience aside from just a logo.

all_of_the_interwebs says:

That area holds the Key Fob if you want it to

ACCORDingtoTom says:

This is probably how I would order a 128i if I was to get one. I definitely
want the paddle shifters, seeing as I can’t drive a manual and my Accord
stupidly has no manual function on the automatic.

Steven Clark says:

but he still did a good job

Djonkie Bonk says:

I love the NA I6.

Don Juan says:

Your comment is not needed. They all do a great job. But if you prefer one
person over another, chose the videos you want to watch carefully. And keep
your troll comments to yourself.

Sr. Rah says:

best car reviews, thanks

Djonkie Bonk says:

Why do you dumbasses always show up whenever Christian or Matt does a
video. Sofyan does his videos whiles the other 2 do theirs, they all
contribute to the channel.

TheK24Kyle says:

it looks so damn small and its just cheapened up for a BMW. your paying for
the name thats it. and its a shame because BMW has lost their way on the
lower end models… this SCREAMS chick car/ someone who just wanted a bmw
emblem. want a bmw? cough up at least enough for a 3 series…

Deathlord402 says:

The Xbox-Ahoy of cars.

David Malinovsky says:

A non-Idrive BMW is a holy grail nowadays

Ryan Langmuir says:

bring Sofyan back

Scott Newnham says:

We also call them shit handles in Australia.

mrkongsimr says:

Thank you , good review. But where have I heard that sexy voice before ???
Hmm , oh yes , my friend from Intechdude300 . Right ? I would not take the
135i (with the turbo) at all , or that engine in any of them , it has had
allot of problems , actually there is a class act suit against BMW.

frogbg661 says:

Freakin door chime is annoying as hell!

richard evans says:

just a suggestion for christian… when you’re filming your videos it kind
of makes you look unprofessional when you swear in these videos. try to cut
out on saying “oh shit handles” lol. other than that your videos are great!
thanks christian, sofyan, and matt!

bmwmsport11 says:

This reminds me so much of those old 70s/80s BMW coupes. Small, femanine,
and not the best looking. I would never own a 1-series unless it was free.
Good video!

Legend21 says:

@DasBeatz yea but everybody makes it out to be so terrible but honestly I
have it in my car and its perfect.

Nemo Hoes says:

You don’t need to put the key fob to start the car you big Dummy! stick to
your day job

oscar trujillo says:

Once i saw its him i had to leave…

Zac Fonzi says:

I don’t see why everything needs to be soft touch. I’ve never been rubbing
away my instrument cluster or anything like that.

Steven Clark says:

why does he ever drive these cars? i like when the asian guy does it.

EverythingisFire says:

“Oh, shit!” handle…I like that :) I dig this car.

riseofhonor says:

I’d love if Sofian did his own review on the 2013 328i just so i can see
his take on it because it’s my dream car lol

Rodman Finnegan says:

Nm sorry commented before the end of the video -.-

TheK24Kyle says:

I never compared it to anything. but honestly im not the first to say BMW
has lost it a little. me and my aunt who is german biased as HELL (she has
a 2000 323ci convertible with 115K and no issues) and we went test driving
and i decided and she decided to keep her bimmer and shes glad she did. i
have no issue with entry level luxury but any mercedes will completely top
this.. ESPECIALLY the older ones. the old BMW’s also.on the new ones, some
issues in reliability and pricing is pretty evident.

Rodman Finnegan says:

Is the 2013 model revised at all?

1bentley4ever says:

Very nice, but I may prefer the Audi TT.

Intechdude300 says:

It’s an Auto Auction hence the lack of formality & the format being so
different to Sofyan’s but it’s somewhat the goal. It’s not like I can bring
a partner, a professional camera, or have time to make a script. I just
stumble upon cars there, quickly check specs, & just wing it from there
with whatever I know. I wish moving away from that style & having a
different format tho still keep it naturally flowing. Since it’s something
I can’t do yet, I purposely hold back on many videos.

dave dunn says:

Womans car!

CHANNELgr says:

No I love Christians reviews too both good

Andrew Pelletier says:

Ha its Intechdude300 :)

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