2011 BMW 135i convertible review: to buy or not to buy?

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2011 BMW 135i convertible is the best of cars and the worst of cars. OK, worst of cars maybe a bit harsh, but the 135i certainl…


Julian Williams says:

I just wanted to know the chassis dynamics of the convertible vs the

Rovvgem says:

The law of attraction gave me this!

Goru Minosyan says:

@newengland72 agreed!

kingstewierblx says:

its not that bad at all, I was at Wagner BMW tonight and I was looking at a
135i Convertible in the showroom and it looked fully loaded man, I had the
Full iDrive (It doesn’t have the pop-up screen which is a piece of junk)
Everything you want, man.

310Sole says:

$48,000? jeez thats a lot of loot. you can get a nice barely used Audi S5
for that kinda money or less with red guts like this 1 series.

minibus1351 says:

this car is the closest thing to the famous predecessor 2002 tii

gene978 says:

Roman you get all the fun! haha. Were you able to get some real MPG
figures? How about a few 0-60 run times? I know you said $48,000! You can
get this Drop top for under 40K with quite s few options and still have
that amazing engine. I priced one out with cold weather package and Sport
Package and with the $900 Destination came under $40K So, There is a SANTA
CLAUS lol. ANd I know what you mean about cheap materials that would drive
me crazy if I bought one. Even on a 15K car TY Roman!

CarsBikesLife says:

Expensive with a shocking interior. Nice sounding and handling car but for
that kind of money you can buy a much more powerful and fun car to drive.
Overall: Meh

newengland72 says:

Forward for reverse is not that counter intuitive when you consider that on
a conventional automatic transmission shifting from Drive to Reverse, one
would be moving the gear selector forward. Great reviews, keep it up Roman!

Eric Chen says:

i love reviews that are balanced. not just praise. nicely done guy~

Christopher Reyes says:

i dont like the soft top of the convertible but im getting one anyways to
enjoy the cali weather

dean468 says:

yes first one again and to comment….awesome car

clipdrift says:

I would buy a nissan 370Z! but still a good review!

safadukkkkkkkkkkbiu says:

The 2011 BMW 135

Hada Cakraningrat says:

48k i’d rather have the 1m for 47k with no options at all.

Kellen Friedburg says:

But the mini isn’t a bmw, it’s a mini. Although BMW make mini.

dave dunn says:

bmw has very cheap boring interiors…squared off 4 vents a radio boring

Hang Lo says:

Very scattered review

maseratiquattroport says:

personally, i don’t think it looks gorgeous. i don’t even think its near
‘good’ looking. love your interior red seats though. I always wanted to
have it in my bmws. im on my fifth bmw but I don’t think I can ever stand a
tiny car like that.so ill stick with my x5 ,3 and 5 series.

vothry says:

48k?!?! 370z all the way. But then again, there are SO many 370z owners

carguy379 says:

you could get a 1M for less than this car

brettbarnes60 says:

What self respecting car guy would buy a convertible… Be a man. Buy the

CaliforniaHuman says:

That’s like saying a Toyota Camry is a Lexus.

123lenny135 says:

The high pressure fuel pump was a problem, but has recently been upgraded
and is on the bulletin list for replacement.

boy638 says:

test drive the 1M!!!!!!

kingstewierblx says:

the 135i isnt the smallest bmw, smallest bmw is the Mini Cooper

tomriley123 says:

If I was to buy this car I would defiantly get the coupe cause of the more
manlier look. Or just the new 1M.

05front says:

Im sorry but my 2005 330 Ci looks the same to me. Interior looks the same
and the curves don’t look as good as the E46′s. Might be me but looks like
a refresh fresh of mine, and at fraction of the price for $17k when i
picked it up.

gizm0ranger says:

The gear box is like that because it makes it more ‘sporty’, rally car
drivers have to move the transmission stick forward to shift down because
as they break heavily to slow down on there approach towards a corner the
g-forces are pushing the driver ‘forward’ towards the steering wheel
therefore it’s much more easier to shift down with g-force instead of
against it. When you accelerate on a straight road, the g-force is pushing
the driver backwards the seat, so they shift backwards with the g.

Bruno TaTa says:

Roman forgets that this is a $34,000 car optioned up to $45,000 with
engine, suspension, and other options.

ExoticCarFan7 says:

lol, like to see this guy make a car.

Gary Lee says:

@kingstewierblx he’s talking about BMW itself not any other mothership
company…like u can’t say the smallest Audi is a Beetle it just doesn’t
make sense…

khmerbraveheart says:

hahaha at the wood part. haha! Funny. But still a good car.

Prince Jones says:

My new whip PJ(KG)GGM life is Good Im Great!!!

ecanzs says:

I want to get one but I live in the hood. maybe not a good idea?

kingstewierblx says:

@mikespike502005 well thats true,,,,

P41N says:

oh, a northface jacket, you must go on so many adventures…

CaliforniaHuman says:

That’s like saying a Toyota Camry is a Lexus.

z8machine says:

The 135 convertible is the best handling convertible ever made, hands down.

There might be a faster car (but not better handling) in the $250K+ range,
but the 135 is a lot faster with a JB4 and meth for an extra $1100, and
will be more reliable too.

Dave Sims says:

Should have made a hardtop convertible 

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