2011 BMW 3 Series Test Drive & Review

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We show the facelift of the new 2011 BMW 3 series and compare it to last year’s BMW 3 series. Then we test drive and review the 2011 BMW 335i X drive with th…


Genevieve8002 says:

Test drove one of these day and it was just a joy, a pleasant place to be,
just beautiful :-), nice review , thank you :-)

Aaron Hinrichsen says:

head lights at 2:06???

eldavve says:

This is one of the last real BMW. Over here in europ everything is about
downsizing. The typical engine is a turbocharged 2.0 diesel/gasoline with
abouth 180 hp. I hate that kind of engines. All BMW Should have straight
six! The golden era is gone for BMW:(

raroshraj says:

Steve you are the man!

Armon Farjadfard says:

This guy is a pimp

Icutmetal says:

Great review; you really show your passion for the brand!

jsprite123 says:

It’s a CUP holder, not a BOTTLE holder! Duh!

Michaell Michael says:

Great review besides the comment of the car being nothing fancy

Däne Fjordlùnd says:

Very informative..if you look past the bias

Scan Man says:

It’s a CUP holder, not botlle :)))))

NYChris1979 says:

One of the magazines compared the N54 twin turbo 335i to an N55 single
turbo 335i (both 6 speed manuals) and they were similar through the 1/4
mile, but afterwards, the N55 car pulls away. The N55 did 0 to 140 mph 1.4
seconds quicker than the N54 car actually. That is a huge difference! I’d
definitely go with a 2011 model over any of them. I don’t care for the
2012 restyle. They killed the steering feel according to the magazines.
They rated it a terrible 6 out of 10. 

Erwin C says:

what’s with the headlights at 2:06

CarsofNY says:

A common theme on these threads is that people feel the need to say that
Americans need cup holders to carry huge soda bottles because we are all so
fat. Well, that’s great for everyone to say stupid shit on the internet
but have one thing go wrong in the world and every country is begging for
America to go fix the problem. That’s great that you have a country with a
bunch of skinny people but malnurishment due to lack of food is not a diet,
its a problem. 

Hurduc Vasile Adrian says:

This is a review….nice one..

michael adam says:

No idrive, weak

Laweeze Morton says:

I agree, No car feels as good as a 3 series. I’m not biased either, I’d
love to be able to own a car that looks as good and drives as good as a 3
series for less money. 

janrdoh says:

3 point Oh litre wtf why not just say 3 litre?why do Americans always have
to say point Oh?

Checkpointsystem says:

I agree TPG. Maybe WE should say : if it fits a 3 liter cola bottle the
amerifat has found the right car.

Jonnybarbs says:

How do you get the headlights to flash like that?

Chris White says:

The lights aren’t actually flashing like that, the camera is just
perceiving them like that.

TheNipommu says:

@jfocco18 nice…im going to start using that lol

srk7555 says:

@cookiecat168 – Wait until I get my hands on the new BMW series in a couple
weeks… Then we can really have some fun with the “cup” holders..:) Thanks
for watching!!! Steve

nasturama says:

3er series are the best car for you every day use Some of my former cars
e30 e36 e46 e90 e92 and and soon owner of and f30 328i 4 banger

nicolas T Lee says:

you mad?


@AudiotherapyDr won’t be long until the transmission fails … now thats a
major problem

therealrocknrollla says:

your cars? You are from lithuania.. what fucking cars do you guys make? do
they even have cars in that backwards country? go fuck a goat, euro trash

Shoaib Khan says:

This guy is so badass no joke.

oyicu says:

omg they are complaining about the size of a cup holder? are you serious?
who buys the biggest effin wter bottle anyways? instead of putting it into
the car , you can go put it up in your ass

ThePersianguy88 says:

this has always been my fav. car

pyronixe says:

You act like the LED are standard, aren’t they an upgrade?

Jonnybarbs says:

How do you get the headlights to flash like that?

TheZakon says:

its looking shit, the 7 series killed all down series!!

TheRobjc123 says:

If Americans didn’t buy BMWs and other German Cars…Germany run Europe
wouldn’t have an Economy. so shut your ass up

bertoh79 . says:

i’ve watched some of this videos now and i really like them…but there’s
one thing that bothers me right now. do you ever say something negativ
about the cars? i want to know the bad features too, even if there are not
so many…

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