2011 BMW 328i xDrive Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

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Ryan says:

Thorough review. You answered all of my questions. Thanks!

Eugene Von says:

why he kept on saying 6 years old? It’s a 2007/8 or 2011 model??

demeko talley says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Kevin Breese says:

Really funny transition between the bad-ass start of the video with the
“redline” engine noise to a high pitched boy-girl voice. Despite that, the
commentary was good.

Youbones says:

you are easily becoming a favourite of mine in the auto reviewer segment.
You’re reviews are direct, informative and you describe the driving
experience which is what I want to know about a vehicle.

Who the hell gives a damn about bluetooth in a sports car/sport segmented

Jameel Batarseh says:

its an e92 not an e90 butthead

Zohirul Islam Jewel says:

You can get this car used for the same price as a Civic or Corolla.

f*ck google says:

do you have e46 review?

Nicola Ruggiero says:

E90 09-11 Great recommendation at the end

mason resendes says:

So it’s a 2011 series 3????

I’m confused

Ayush Sharma says:

It cant be 6 years old if its 2011 ……just caught that – great review in
general though

Jessica Smith says:

Thanks for this fun informative review! I bought this exact car a few weeks
ago and am completely in love with it. 

TheLuismondo says:

Here they mention that this car compares to Infiniti or Lexus, but…
Can actually Japanese cars compare to a BMW???

Jason Liu says:

2011 BMW 328i xdrive is the last generation of the E90, at the end of 2011,
BMW introduced the new generation of 3 series, which is the F20 series. I
bought the older generation 8 months ago and it gives me unique experiences
than other cars that I have driven. This car is the last model that use the
traditional BMW 3.0 Liter I6 engine, after this model, the BMW group
changed their engine to turbo engine to the legendary natural aspirated
cylinders engine. Although many people believe that BMW is destroying what
they are good at, the disadvantages of the I6 engine still exist. Such as
the fuel economy and the cost on the engine maintenance. The last
generation engines have to use the premium gas and the fuel economy is
around 19 to 21 mpg. However the advantages are also significant, the
horsepower is 230, much higher than the current 4 cylinders engine. That
can provide faster starting and the beautiful BMW engine sounds. For the
transmission, the last generation has the 6-speed gearbox. It sounds out of
fashion for the current vehicle, and the intervals between shifts are very
obvious. BMW choose the ZF 8-speed gearbox for the current generation and
the shifts are smoother than the old one. I drove the current generation
for few days and the driving experiences are totally different from the
last generation. For example, the handling for the last generation is more
accurate when turning, however the steering is very heavy, people who used
to drive other brands of cars will feel difficulty turning. The new
generation is more comfortable for the most of drivers, but many BMW fans
are arguing they lost one of the BMW’s special features. Because this is an
xdrive car, which means this car has better ability to pass through little
friction roads. People who are worrying about the rear wheel drive system
should choose this car that is equipped with the xdrive. Purchase of a car
is not one time spending, the maintenance and repair price for BMW is more
expensive than other brands. For example, the 2 years extend maintenance
needs more than 2 thousands. The extend warranty is around 38 hundreds. All
to all, if you are looking for a car can maximize your fun for driving and
the feeling of pushing back, this car should be your choice. However if
your looking for a car that cost less and like quite inside environment,
the BMW 328 is not really what you want for this. 

Ryukachoo says:

they’re time bombs, big time. the engine in the 330i and 530i (i believe)
are generally considered the most reliable

Czech Shooter says:

I got an e90 325xi from 2007 which is still pre-facelift version but I got
sports package with the typical steering wheel. It actually feels even
newer than this one coz the facelift is practically negligible… Only the
rear lights look newer but the rest is hardly distinguishable. I gotta
agree that this car is just entry-level sports style sedan and the
performance isnt amazing but the 0-60 mph is still around 7.0 s so you kick
most cars ass racing from stop at traffic lights. The driving
characteristics are phenomenal and the sound of the 6 straight is
fantastic. I love driving it which is unfortunately something that most car
owners who only care about mpg and huge trunk will never understand. The
ultimate driving machine isnt just a stupid commercial slogan, its what it
feels like!

Mlowery85 says:

“Even though this is an ’11, and it’s 6 years old, it still feels new”
Yeah.. that makes sense.

647killa says:

Wow I hate how ppl complain about reliability under a German car video. I
have owned 2 e46 bmw’s both of them used and drove my last one to 300,000
kms. Never let me down ONCE and repairs were not expensive. Do if own
wrenching and dont do to stealerships. Heck I’d say my Lexus rx300 was just
as expensive if I didn’t do my research. I would not be scared to ever own
a BMW out of warranty. Just don’t buy it if you can’t afford maintenance
with premium fuel and synthetic oil. I expect the newer models to be even
better than my e46′s. I’m still running my car with 230,000 kms with
absolutely no issues. Just buy it and be smart about the upkeep. I can’t
speak of VW/Audi or Mercedes reliability as I’ve had BMW’s. 

Josh Chen says:

M3 is my dream

edwardnorton04 says:

Except for the all-black interior (I have the cream and black interior), I
have this exact same car, right down to the 15-spoke wheels and the
sunshades in the back. I love it. Driving this car is like very addicting.
Once you drive a BMW, you will not be satisfied driving another make
vehicle, and you will understand why their motto is ‘The Ultimate Driving

obabas80 says:

Just bought this car used and LOVE IT! You are an excellent reviewer,
thanks for this!

yoyoluc says:

Halogen halos on the headlights ruined the whole look of those beautiful
and advanced xenon lights. 

bmorant1902 says:

The paddle shifters belong on the steering column where they belong!!! NOT
on the wheel…. 

Danarius M. says:

It’s official I need to find a 2011 BMW 328i

BroSef H says:

…Um Going through the Dealer Will kill anyone, Especially European based
dealerships, The battery’s on BMW’s are much larger than your typical JDM
car, and when you get parts yourself, at most there 10-20 Bucks more, but
last double the time. Pretty much best bang for your buck, pay a little
more, last alot longer!

Redline Reviews says:

We’re referring to the design of the vehicle

i4Collin says:

Like any other brand, there are good apples from BMW, and bad ones. Yes
they make things especially hard to fix, but if you find a good mechanic or
can do the work yourself most models are not especially expensive to own.
One thing you must do, is keep up with maintenance. Many think the vehicle
is a Toyota and skip over components during servicing, which is a big
mistake. If you buy a model that isn’t loaded or freshly redesigned and
service it, it will be just as reliable as any other car

matraks224 says:

Did you ever own a BMW? Just read owners opinions. For example on
Edmunds.com. Overal note is 4,7/5. Overall note for 2011 Toyota Camry is
4,4/5. So BMW owners are more happy with their cars then Toyota owners.

jmplee says:

I wonder if it is true that BMW are not reliable, never had one and many
people say they are having constant problems, as well as the German cars in

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