2011 BMW 5-Series Fully Unwrapped In Detail-Shoe-In For Car Of The Year?

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Agent 001 from AutoSpies.com gives you a great personal tour of the 2011 BMW 5-Series both inside and out and much more.


Gaz Almonte says:

That noise though. I can’t…. I’m out!

Menard Lancaster says:

God damn that is a hollander

Daniel Zimmermann says:

bad colour combo (IMO) and no M-sport….but great car, a little numb on
the steering though (I know this b/c a 550 is my daily driver). Turn off
DSC, get suspension and a BMS tune and then its much better.

Alexander Vakulenko says:

not really my e39 540 is a piece of crap and i want to push it off a

kris trposki says:

why the fuck would you want a massage in a car… a real car lover does not
care about electronics and flappy paddle shifters!

IIP Velocity says:

i like this one

Abdihakim308 says:

nice car. but too expensive to buy

Anoush13 says:

@Jamzkangster Are you serious? BMW’s navigation screens are one of the
largest in the auto industry with 10 inches! It may not look big on this
video, but in person, it’s actually rather large and bright.

Kr3wXv says:

lololol right…

JedinioSlobodnoIme says:

find another hobby…

nickia1988 says:

@dzava Since when did Rolls Royce become an exciting car? Luxurious yes,
exciting no. Calling a Rolls Royce exciting is like calling a McLaren F1
luxurious. It’s an oxymoron.

ahmed says:

“any kids driving the cat” fuck off I’d never let my children touch my car

Alex Mckenzy says:

@sajiddawar000 to answer your question, i think with a corola you can drink
it too. U can find lot of them in Mexico.

Babken Hakobyan says:

@DJonX7 Your comment is absolutely empty since I have a BMW.

jay hern says:

audi a6 beats this beamer hand down.

benni co says:

The A6 is in the same class and it had lost some tests against the 5
Series. So, are you mad bro? You havent any idea about cars.

Babken Hakobyan says:

@DJonX7 It’s your problem.

benni co says:

Yes i can understand it, but not everyone likes too loud braggart sound…

John Franco says:

Get rid of run flats

11xForces says:

any luxury car besides cadillac is for woman

vaporeizied8 says:

@marksjersey856 tu’che

refgv vgredsf says:

this is my car with m sport youtube.com/watch?v=8bAqaH0nG3w

gliffordsam says:

BMW has the best sounding warning chime ever…..LoVE IT!!!

William B says:

The only thing BMW got right with this car IS the large navi screen

freeding birding says:

@BabkenBMW audi is crap. its an overpriced volkswagen.

benni co says:

“such a letdown” You never sat in a 5 Series. It don’t has scratchy plastic
or something like that, and by the way you can buy it with real wood. The
door panels have imitation leather and it feels good, not more bad than in
a E-Class. The BMW 5 Series has beaten the new E-Class Facelift, so i’m
shocked about the bad quality in compare to BMW and Audi.

Randall Kalik says:

Infiniti technology is better across the board then the latest comp tech
from BMW. I have the new 5, and the iDrive, while better, is still
cumbersome. Infiniti just does it better, esp when listing music from iPod.
And the new cameras that BMW offers, esp the front fender cams are useless!
what’s the point? BMW left off a front camera, and they should have one.
Not the fish eye cams on each front bumper. Without a front camera, the
around view (ripped off from Infiniti is incomplete.

cristopherdale says:

nice car !!!

gorylatko says:

Great cars but for interior design they should hire ppl. from Audi. Not
very inviting way it looks and feels not to mention the legendary
i-(not)-Drive system. But gotta give them: the handling ,road feel and
engine sounds are superb.

zigga88 says:

nice exterier boring interior

Marius says:

I love that the driver oriented cockpit is back.

vwbigchris says:

Nice interior, but not as nice as the Audi a6

overground84 says:

@freebird20002012 Indeed!

Faizan Iftikhar says:

@sbolci888 best 5 series till date.

IIP Velocity says:

Only old ladies don’t like loud braggart sound :P

Babken Hakobyan says:

@butty41 Well, if surveys mean nothing then your opinion doesn’t even more.

hunker8 says:

2012 A6 best in class :)

Илья Шевалдин says:

чувак оператор знает реально больше чем это гавно

Light23K says:

@nickia1988 my first car was silver 2002 honda civic si hatchback and i
hated silver cars ever since.

David Hall says:

Agreed, but I’d consider the guy in front a “blow-hard” as opposed to a

milad ismailzada says:

so true.

hunker8 says:

:D yee i see, but thats probabley is not on planet earth, becouse here new
A6 is called 5 ser beater… and there is even better news, thats S6, RS6
and just acounced RS6 PLUS with 608HP where M5 is no where near thoes
numbers and does not beat anything, you are the only one who has knowleadg
about cars below reqaements here…..

Chilsont says:



this car is perfect in every way…i hated the e60 and all of chris bangle

FUCK202 says:

@sajiddawar000 the bmw costs a lot more and has a bmw badge on it

waseok says:

i don’t like the way he says “cars”

mrzkhan1 says:


Daniel L says:

@freebird20002012 lol, so buggati is an overpriced VW?, i don´t think so.

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