2011 BMW 5-Series Sedan Review

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This is a review of the 2011 BMW 5-Series sedan by Ron Doron of Autotoob.com.


AustinGibsonBlog says:

And omg quit calling it the 523i it’s 528i duhhh!

ThousanWhite says:

I’ll have to rob a bank to afford this car..

Jimmy Joji says:

i like the interior

kezboy1 says:

just wait 2 yrs and get a used one with 20k miles for 10- 20k less. that’s
what i’m going to do.

douwex says:

honest review. i like the entirior though. more than merc or audi. beamers
are so cheap to mentain because the never brake down(the beamers a had/have
never brake/broke down)

mrbenyong says:

Ok i think he is retarded because he complains of the interior, which is so
wrong. its practically a 7 in a smaller body! have he seen how crap the new
e class interior is?

Wayne Toppin says:

I drive a merc and never liked BMW cuz to me the interior was always boring
UNTIL I test drove this car. Now im couple weeks away from being a BMW 5
series owner. Can’t wait.

Dandelion says:

i miss chris bangle design. bmw is not the same with out him

DrRahT says:

He’s the only reviewer who actually likes the ride and handling of the
vehicle…everyone else prefers the last generation…I think he likes
anything he drives.

Zachary says:

Please stop comparing the euro to the USA’s dollar. The price of the car is
relative to where one lives. There are many wealthy Americans who can
afford to buy this car no matter the price or where its sold.

E60BMWM5 says:

@bonbongifted E60 5 series was OK but Chris Bangle fucked up 3 series and 7
series. BMW fixed the 3 series design with some make up. 7 series was just
a scandal…. Chris Bangle is the worst misstake of BMW in last 30 years.

3n82 says:

In my opinion this car has the sexiest interior compared to the competitors :D

eggfooyoung says:

Great car!


Lol average family don’t buy this thing

betterbeavailable says:

@3n82 Well it sure as hell does. BMW has very sleek and stylish interior
where everything is at close hand. That guy is crazy saying otherwise.

Wallstreet Young says:

Finally you review the 5 Series

Avi M says:

I never liked this interior but it eventually grew on me.

robbyjai says:

i wish executive cars like these cost 80 grand here in Australia!!!!!!! You
guys have it easy compared to what we pay in Australia. I just forked out
$140,000 AUD to buy my brand new 2012 Audi A6. 80K is nothing!!!!!!!

Sidney Grimes says:

I like the interior , it’s simple and reminds me of older 5 series

bartrek12 says:

@ctrent859 I don’t think so ;)

Jimmy Joji says:

3:20 he says it makes you a better and safer driver. no, it makes you a
more lazy driver. ive got a 1998 e36 BMW 318ti m sport and its got none of
these nonsense gadgets. if you rely on all these technologies, once you
step into an ancient vehicle like ours, your fucked. full stop.

AustinGibsonBlog says:

I -3 my 5 Series.

lekido mutapi says:

after E90 interior of bmw 3 series is rly dull and bad

BougieTheMan says:

Americans just don’t get the concept of luxury and style…

quatlen says:

I don’t like the design. The old one was better.

Kenneth Martin says:

Bmw interior is far better than audi cheap ass plastic, u have no eyes


I think a 523i is the perfect 5 series on the market. A fully-equipped
523Li costs half the price of a identically equipped 550i. And there isn’t
that much trade off in performance either.

mikeyle says:

i was a fan of the bangle 7 series, but im glad the 5 series is back to
being a classic

MrMohamad88 says:

2:14 I don’t know what to say, I really like that car LMFAO

ricepaddy69 says:

Instead of waiting for the 528i, I’ll be waiting for the upcoming M5.

ThousanWhite says:

@DrRahT I noticed that too. Most other reviews liked the interior too!

sid203 says:

great review The 550i Xdrive is awesome Unfortunately – I will have to pass
Have the E60 M5 There’s no way I will give up the ///M over this car Until
the new F10 ///M5 comes out

lexusES350h says:

LOL @ below comment.. Same

demon23ro says:

The interior is PERFECT. Maybe he loves the squeeks from Audi’s plastics in
the door pannels and dash, that’s fine by me… but to categorize this
interior as ” falling short ” in any way.. is just STUPID plain and simple.
It has the best BUILD QUALITY in it’s class. PERIOD !!!

TroyRx says:

he keeps complaining about the interior but doesnt explain what about the
interior he doesnt like. but then again majority of us dont need advice
from someone who wears big ass douchey sunglasses

Kevin Johnson says:

lol… they finally added the back button. Thinking bout buying a used
550i. 50 stacks

shadow77770 says:

BMW’s interior was designed under the idea of simplicity, you have to
remember that the 5 series is in the executive line of cars. Keeping that
in mind BMW has done it perfectly, but with that they have also done with
this car is make it sporty with its 400HP twin turbocharged engine, a
considerable amount of technology because its based off of the 7th series,
and that its just flat out fun to drive. In the well put words of BMW “what
we make is just as important as what we make people feel”

Wybe Kloppenburg says:

its funny how a lot of reviewers have different opinions on the interior.

bmwman67 says:

actually the a6 has an extremely bland and boring interior, when you
compare it to the bright and beautiful and colorful and extremely well put
together 5 series interior.

Jay C says:

@YouSoldMe v=xkyuJNQdjvk

tyler lewis says:

This review sucked he seemed stupid and only had general knowledge which
anyone can get from watching a commercial on TV by the way average American
families can’t afford this type of vehicle

betterbeavailable says:

@demon23ro That is so true. Interior can’t get much better than that.

Anoush13 says:

I liked the refreshing design of the Chris Bangle generation of BMW’s but
they just didn’t have that BMW way with it. I don’t know, it’s hard to
explain, but BMW has a sleek design, but is also quite suddle. Chris Bangle
was kind of all over the place with his designs. BMW’s kind of coming back
to where it needs to be again.

King Jack says:

I am with Ron regarding that sloppy interior. Nothing I would ever want if
I were to spend 7-80k.

a38racing says:

Ive always been a big fan of 5 series but its gone too fat now

D Block says:

What does this guy expect the interior to be??!! Im clueless!!! If you want
more out of a car’s interior, then you must be asking for more buttons!
These guys are so foolish reviewing BMW’s. @ 1:40 he says the interior is
not up to par, then he spend pretty much the next 2 minutes drooling over
all the technology! So that’s the purpose of idrive, simplicity is how BMW
does interiors. If you want buttons, drive an infiniti!!

YouSoldMe says:

compared to the last 5-series it doesn’t show much of an improvement
performance wise…i’d still go with the last gen.

ctrent859 says:

The new 2012 Audi A6 is much better

TopGear759 says:

Yeah the Audi A6 is 10x better.

nukstero says:

yes very very nice interior but still not as good as a6

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