2011 BMW 6 Series customer review – What Car?

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What Car? reader take a look at new BMW 6 Series. Read the What Car? BMW 6 Series Convertible review http://bit.ly/vZfyb4 The BMW 6 has big petrol engines wh…


Michael Corey Chan says:

Awesome auto. Own one and love it. Much better than predecessor.

Shaurya Gautam says:

how can you like a BMW when you drive a Jaguar.

zab5tract says:

@Wildspeed911 your just a tad incorrect mate..

antitobaccopsa says:

@Wildspeed911 thats because this is in europe.

locomason says:

Its in ENGLAND you cretin.

Abraxes911 says:

3:14 The original design of the six-series in… 2004? For god’s sake,
these people aren’t 12, doesn’t anyone remember the original first
six-series, the E24 635CSi? I wouldn’t listen to this guy, obviously
doesn’t know his basic BMW history, nor how things have progressed. Or
rather, gone backwards. This could easily be mistake as a convertible
Toyota Avalon.

TheCarArchives says:

the 2011-present BMW 6 Series is assembled in Dingolfing, Germany

dobropivo says:

one word wow!!!! but i dont have the money for it

MrMrdeng says:

@Wildspeed911 lol not all cars have the same side it depends on their
country…american use left hand steering wheel…the brits use right hand
steering wheel…not all country use left hand side.

lam neth says:

@Wildspeed911 are you dumb

pm512 says:

The rag top conv. still get faded and look shitty after a few years.
Hardtop convertibles are the ONLY way to go. Tighten up, BMW !!!

KhaosGT says:

@Wildspeed911 I’m sure he was just kidding, and you people are taking him

AngryBirdSEASONS says:

actually the steering wheel is on the “RIGHT” side :D

martinidanimal says:

i absolutely love bmw’s but i have to say they really made a mistake in the
new 6 series lineup, the 645ci i thought was brilliant, agressive looking
and sporty, but they subdued everything on this one, the 6 series is
sopposed to stand out! bring back the m6 and styles like that

Ed .Shuma says:

@minibus1351 the old 6 series is way yyy betteeer

venom5809 says:

Is everyone a company director in the UK?

JoeCaliforniah says:

@kylesonfire Didnt know it wuld be so offensive to little kid like u. You
dont have to try so hard, my apology.

Nicolas de Camaret says:

One of the ugliest BMW ever made. The New 5 and 7 series are stunning,
however this thing is ugly.

boy638 says:

why so many company directors??? Btw I want an M6!!!

James Windle says:

one way or another, i think this is a brilliant-lookin car

JoeCaliforniah says:

@kylesonfire they didnt spend 3 years designing. 3 years including setting
up machinery and the factories management logistic. U’re a little boy
dancing with ur toy cars. grow up.

SparkySlow says:

Why BMW 6 series Coupe does not sell in U.S. ?

Sabir H says:

wow all these fucking new models are HIDEOOUSSSSSSSSSSS… the only one
they didnt fully mess up on was probably the newer 5 series. the newer 3
series past 08 (or is it 09??) is NASTY

bdivy1 says:

If you drive a Toyota Corolla you should not be allowed to comment on a BMW
let alone touch one.

TheBnc1 says:

@Wildspeed911: No, steering wheel is on the RIGHT side. Learn some history
of the left handed traffic. Brits drives on the proper side. Ps. I’m not

serhatinho20 says:

It’s not brutal BMW view!

ComplexMind 1992 says:

” what a” beautiful car

Rihards Mors says:

If my wife won’t like the car I bought, I won’t care that! Or am I crazy?

minibus1351 says:

am i the only one who thinks it’s a really ugly car? I would rather get the
Jaguar XK.

sid203 says:

damper system to counter the runflat tires ?!!! Are you bonkers man ? All
you need to do is get regular tires – and throw those trashy runflats in
the trash heap for pete’s sake

adomnarkwa says:

steering wheel is on the CORRECT side

compassvanlines says:

Nice car… It looks simple but elegant

Dennis0824 says:

I am disappointed. I was hoping the 6 series convertible would have a hard
top like the 3 series cabrio. Hard to make it fit in the trunk though.
Maybe next time.

LokoMn says:

company director of BMW drive Toyota? O_0

AndreOriginals says:

i own a bmw, but mr. van hooydonk is ruining the back of the bmw’s! i hope
you at least dont ruin the x6, z4 and 3 series coupe

v1ralsh1t says:

@Wildspeed911 that is the right side, in UK :) and Japan, Cyprus, Hong Kong
and a few more countries.

sambozauk says:

The Sales Director they interview is most annoying and like all Sales
people full of shit. You wont need to tell your wife mate, because you wont
be able to afford one, lets get that one str8,lol.

Jesse H says:

I feel like i like the 2010 version better :P

Syed Said Ahmed says:

Drives a Corrolla, comments on a beemer!

10jmsoccer says:

honestly the run flats are a little bit harsher, but i think it almost adds
feel to the car.

JoeCaliforniah says:

@kylesonfire lol, u’re trying too hard.

Logomonsta says:

3:17 the poof in the pudding?

Jesús Escandón Bolaños says:

haha company director and drive toyota corola, change company pleaseeeee

jojo0827 says:


Levente Deli says:

dont like it. it doesnt have that characteristic design like the older one,
this looks like a big opel corsa or i dunno

AngryBirdSEASONS says:

…for me i prefer the older model…sorry.

WonkyDoodle says:

@LokoMn no they’re just members of the public, and thats their job titles.

R3aRM says:

anyone notice the BMW’s company director drives a Toyota Corolla?

Vi Valentine says:

@bdivy1 or even see one in person

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