2011 BMW Active Hybrid 7 LWB Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2011 BMW Active Hybrid 7. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while…


EverythingGranTurismo says:

Engine is idling at a standstill and thats a hybrid WTF BMW

04smallmj says:

@jsiszero I’ll say what Alex3349 said, diesel engines aren’t a niche
product. Look outside North America for a moment… Diesels are very
popular in Europe and as an example, at least 40% of cars on British roads
are diesels.

LimpBG says:

I want to see Audi A8 (D2), please.

Sandst0rm34 says:

@jsiszero true, but its the status of owning a hybrid

Aliou Sylla says:

Wow. I didn’t know they made a 760li By the way, I don’t like the way bmw
make the same back on their models (3 eerie, 5 serie, 7 serie etc.. They
could change a design instead of the dimension)

TheAuroron says:

What about the new Z4 ?

brookeandstephen says:

The drive is still not that great.it’s hard to use

LordKevin92 says:

in latin america diesel is like 30 cents (probably more) cheaper than
premium gas lol…

mrrokoso says:

@jsiszero Maybe they don’t care in the US but in Europe they sell them a

datboiwes333 says:

@MrMBMW93 man that’s just nitpicking about shit find something better

Maciej Kęcik says:

In most cars pressing it once only unlocks the vehicle for some time, then
automatically locks it (for security purpose). Pressing twice unlocks

Justinaadu says:

Not many celebrities own BMWs. A lot own Mercedes.

Sultan Salah Al Din Ayyubi says:

Nice review. But I think the video would have got more likes if this car
was the 760Li V12. Anyway, good job.

radar3699 says:

Haha I love how it’s a hybrid but it still has a 4.4L V8

thatBMWguy says:

@jsiszero That’s just not true. People in all economic classes can care
about their footprints. Plus, to actually get rich, you need to be prudent
with your money. Even the richest of the rich can go bankrupt, my friend.

Brian Lee says:

@ 5:57, Was that a Denali, Escalade or a Tahoe/Suburban?

CarsG.G oO says:


Abdulrazzak Bakor says:

La elah ella allah


and Audi

Bentley Dkr says:

@saabkyle04 Will there be any Test Driving stuff?

murmaider2 says:

@jsiszero no no but many of them are douchebags that think that owning a
massive luxury sedan ASLONG as it says “hybrid” is them saving polar bears,
it will sell.

ratmtbola says:

@DustinTROM In fact BMWs new iDrive system as well as their entire interior
layout is one of the most intuative ones out there. And if you want to be
your car ‘to just be a car’ you gotta stick to buying late 90′s cars I

artur23MJ says:

i stoped this vid an closed this window and when i came back here youtube
did remember where i left off it was exactly 5:18 thats great !!

Alex3349 says:

@jsiszero I don’t agree. In these days most people do care about the
efficiency and gas prices – even in the Audi 8/BMW 7/MB S luxury segment.
The problem is that the Hybrid drivetrain’s not efficient enough,
especially not when compared to smaller diesel engines. In Europe at least,
most people buy diesels due to efficiency and gas prices…..

josh198869 says:

what would something like that cost 60 or 70k? sure is a nice car tho thats
for sure lol

VidAlienX says:

lol… In neutral power isn’t sent to the wheels, and the wheels are
allowed to move freely. In park, power isn’t transmitted to the wheels
either, but the wheels are locked so it doesn’t turn.

Jose Sandoval Lermont says:

@saabkyle04�� what is your favorite car brand? PS: I like your
videos. Amazing tours!

PS2Gameplays says:

In park you won’t roll on a hill.

Caffiend160 says:

Diesel gas is more expensive (at least in most of the US) and they redline
very low so it’s hard to get good acceleration. But thats just my opinion.
And also, if you have enough money to buy a 7 series, gas shouldnt be much
of a concern. Just by the standard 750Li

paintedd says:

Screw hybrids.

legioner9 says:

Reviewthe 760 Li , you make fantastic work.

CASSINOx says:

change the rims and your all set ;)

Etienne Corporaal says:

Can you make a test drive for any car whatsoever. it’s been a long time
since you’ve done that.

Wayne Hodge says:

@123chunhou British Motor Works

odane thompson says:

Did anyone notice the hummer parking 5:48 …it actually drew my attention
away from the 7 series

walkthepark says:

just get a diesel.

CarsG.G oO says:

it’s very greath your reviews Kyle.

sumtinwong says:

In case anyone liked the song playing, its Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Blue On

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