2011 BMW M3 6-Speed Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

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Ford Fan97 says:

When you see a BMW with a “M” badge you know its damn fast!

MrIdenas says:

I love how the low fuel indicator is visible at the end of the review xDDD
That is basically all you will see in that center dash if you love driving

GaNgStAlBeRt says:

this car
+acrapovic exhaust
+race seats= perfect

Miko R. says:

Man, that paint is swirled to crap! Needs a good polish and glaze

Andy Lee says:

The Best M3 Hands down

E Belfield says:

you need gas

comrade188612 says:

chickens live in a coop…….COUPE (coo-pay)
fuck sake you cant americanise a french word
bad enough with aloominum

ZsubzeroheroZ says:

Ford’s coyote motor 5.0′s are faster and are a more all around car, and are
30k cheaper….

Adamjones2002 says:

u r amazing Sofyan I watch all ur reviews and gets many information about
cars :D
and I hope to see reviews of some exotic cars or ultimate luxury 

batsman46 says:

m doesnt stand for motor it stands for motorSPORT 

Rafael Dimayuga says:

Too bad redlining in any other gear except 1st or 2nd gets you arrested.

schmo7777 says:

Haha! What a rip off BMW! 60 g and ya its not that great and my cobalt
Turbo had more torque than that lol. New Corvette will dominate this thing.
Sorry, I just don’t think this thing is worth the money and poor economy
for the numbers. 

analanalyst says:

the m3 is lighter therefore meaning 0-60 times are about the same. the amg
might just barely edge it out but the most important thing is on the track,
an m3 will smoke an amg by like 4 seconds on the top gear track which is
impressive considering the power difference. the amg is just for showing
off and drag racing, the m3 is for that plus it handles amazingly. the next
m4 will have 450hp making it fast as fuck

sneaky lemony says:

engine dome is a huge letdown on such a prestigious car



analanalyst says:

that even more yes

Adam S says:

That acceleration at the end was epic!

Zheyi Zhu says:

If only I can even test drive one of those…

chigasaki06 says:

Back up cameras for cars I can do w/o. For SUV’s/minivans they really help.
You’ll be surprised how many kids are killed by people backing out their
driveways and didn’t see them b/c they drive high vehicles.

noredcr says:

an idiot. i traded my ford a bimmer. lol

Kev50027 says:

The M4 is the new M3. I think it’s dumb, but there will still be an M3 in

lynchburgcsi57 says:

God that paint is swirled to hell.

f181234 says:

Who traded this for a ford

Cameron Brumfield says:

Will you do the new Corolla??

chigasaki06 says:

A kia is not a performance car. All these little additions add to the
weight, especially since they already have a V8 in it. Look at Porsche,
some of them don’t even come with door handles on the inside, they have
nylon straps to close the door. They do it to reduce weight. Also, if you
need a backup cam on a relatively small car, you probably shouldn’t be

Accelerate says:

Great video!

Veyronp87 says:


MrSockenloch says:

BMW ///M3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

f181234 says:

The 7 speed dct is faster than the manual right

ssean seaa says:


TeK RaVeN says:


analanalyst says:

im gonna miss that screaming, high revving v8… alot

Djonkie Bonk says:

Back up cameras and self parking are for idiots. If a trucker can reverse a
53 foot long trailer one can reverse a car that’s like 13 or 14 feet long.

Zachary Patrick says:

You’re gonna miss fossil fuels when they’re gone too :)

bmwmsport11 says:

they still make a M3, but its only available with 4-doors. the
coupes/convertibles are gonna be called the M4.

iphone3guru says:

Holy love marks batman! Thing looks like it’s never seen wax

Rick Smooth says:

Thanks for the treat! and wow is right, “The ultimate driving machine”

Djonkie Bonk says:

Yeah that’s why there are so many videos on YT where idiots crash their
high end cars. There are some good drivers out there, you’ll probably find
them at the track racing responsibly vs. showing off in public.

DancinRandy54 says:

soyfan remember when u tested the bmw x6 50i? u were at a loss of words the
same way u were with this m3

Matthew Edwards says:

more than that vette?

lynchburgcsi57 says:

People that own a performance vehicle usually know how to drive.

ravesilly says:

i test drove the e92 and the e46 and i can honestly say the e46 is better

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