2011 BMW M3 Coupe Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2011 BMW M3 Coupe. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showin…


Narek T. says:

But it’s a 335 :( I would feel so incomplete if I went for a 335i instead
of an M3. It’s a legacy, not just a name. I would never take the 35i over
the M. It’s just not something I can do. Then again that’s me :) oh and I
would never ever ever get one of these in automatic…only 6MT.

carlos ortiz says:

And others versions from the 3 series and also the back light

דוד חן says:

Not twin Turbo?

Vahe Borisov says:

BMW M4 Coupe Please 

Camilo Dreyer says:

I Love BMW ♥

carlos ortiz says:

What is the difference between 320 ,320 x drive.325.325xdrive .330 ,330x
drive .335 ,335xdrive and m3 6m and other options of the x drives ,i
versios and .d versions and m3 versions from 2011 

Abs Jabs says:

I like this car

Justin du toit says:

Fuck man 335i is fast. Bmw has made one of the fast cars made.


How much is this car?

jonzxcv says:

0-60 is about 4.4s

trevor philips says:

Would completely agree with jay limo windows and those m performance rims
in black although were the automatic and heated and cooled seats wtf 

Kenneth Liu says:

How come big spoilers don’t look good on luxury cars.

Elio Aliu says:

Manual seats?Very interesting.My 2002 C-Class SW has electrical seats.

Doctorr Benz says:

the bmw e46 m3 with a 3.0L i6 makes 0-60 in 4.8
this is a newer generation and with a bigger engine, but same acceleration
time ? i think its wrong

search4unknown says:

FYI, your tie should never be darker than your colored shirt. White is only

jerusalem altaee says:

i have bmw m3 2013 not 2011

Barrington Williams says:

I Love that m3

Thabang Kodisang says:

this is my dream car

i Thabang i love this car i can do anything to own this car u can call me

Jeff Nixon says:

Why is there still a key thing hole if you don’t need to insert it to start
the car?

Jonathan Courtnage says:

14:18 thats not auto recycling, thats auto start stop off button


The M3 which ive owned two of is 100% a better driving experience. Its a
n/a V8 handles great just has low torque and even with an exaust and tune (
couple thousand $) you dont go much faster. Its more for the track. Sold my
09 m3 got a ’10 n54 335i with 15k left over spent 3k on upgrades and I
promise you I blow there fuckin doors off effortlessly. People shouldnt buy
an M3 for the speed its more of a ready to go all around track car. Not a
jap car fan, but for 80k Id get a GTR instead. << The very truth.

Matt Golden says:

do all bmw models come with the headlights this m3 has? theyre fucking

j edwards says:

I have the new m3

yazan jum'ah says:

i would prefer, red seats and manual transmission

Jayy023 says:

Black wheels and some limo tint would complete the vehicle .

jj singh says:

I would prefer the Camaro SS .

miamidfinsfan2613 says:

Needs more pedals!

ever says:

If i put 10g down with 60 month plan how much would I be paying a month

trevor philips says:

Oh btw all people talking about weight savings this car just simy doesn’t
have the nicer seats it’s an extra as expected with bmw

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