2011 BMW M3 Road Test & Car Review – RoadflyTV with Ross Rapoport

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The BMW M3 is one of the finest driver’s cars ever made, and I was finally lucky enough to spend a week with one. The heart of the M3 is an exquisite 4.0L V8…


Henry Rogano says:

Automated dual clutch manual gear box? Wtf .

acvwest1 says:

Love my M, Comp Pkg, six speed manual. Had to get one as a collectable
before BMW dropped that magnificant V8. They can have the six no matter how
many problematic turbos it will have.

GabrooSherPunjabDda says:


Lazar Bim says:

Henry… it’s a manual transmission if you opened it up. It has clutch and
gears. The just happen to be actuated by electronics. It’s not a pos auto
with torque converter.

I’ve driven manual for twenty years and I don’t regret getting dct. It’s an
unbelievable tranny

King Obama says:

Pay attention to the road moron. You are going 300-500 ft without looking
at the road. 

Timothy Redd says:

The interior is so boring. Prefer audi or mercedes interior.

Terrell Bedonie says:

always thought that 295lbs of torque was crap too, but then i drove my
friends M3, and when it threw me back in my seat i didn’t care anymore

BigRedChapp says:

so boring

Lee Miller says:

Nice review.

Ed Strickler says:

#bmwm3 Review on buying BMW M3 – bmw for sale – daphne al 2011 BMW M3
Road Test & Car Review – RoadflyTV with Ross Rapoport –

James mcmiller says:

My dream car ♥ bro this is my dream car for years

Lakshan Weerasinghe says:

Shytty host 

Rico Villiger says:

boriiiiing, he talks too much !!!!!!!

SaiyanRace5 says:

Great review, keep it up.

GabrooSherPunjabDda says:

Great review with real world practicality. It’s definitely not a cheap v

King kush says:

need some phones books to sit on xD

Shadman Hye says:

Roadfly TV: 2011 BMW M3

DominicanRegulator says:

Great review.

Rob Ferriolo says:

Which BMW do you have? Is it modded or stock?

IIP Velocity says:

Yea and its only good for a straight line, its not that comfortable,
handles like a tree and has next to no refinements ;D

Paul G says:

Rob, have you driven an M3? Have driven a BMW? Probably not. I have owned
2. And I have driven around the Nurburgring many times , over 40laps. 2
laps in a 2012 z4 roadster and 2012 BMW m3 race modified. The M3 was the
best by far. BMW trophy is packed way fuller then Lexus. Your reference to
value is out the window when you start getting into the $80/-90 grand
range. Besides you can get a USED M3 for Under $30 grand that will
embarrass a Lexus on any track. Lexus is trying to be BMW,

Shift4g says:

Doesn’t sound like you are the target market for an M3 anyway. His IS-F
review sums up what your car competes with, and that’s an AMG Merc.

siam cat says:

Glad u have a sense of humor! :)

Peto111222 says:

Good review, enjoyed it. Thanks

MemoryLaneCinema says:

He is going on about poor financial choice an budget. 1) Buying a car is
always a poor financial choice if it’s not a Bugatti from the 1930′s.
Buying a car is about passion! 2) If you have a tight budget. Do not buy

Ross Rapoport says:

OK gotcha. Well, to be honest, I had more fun in the M3. I’d do a new M3
over a used GT-R any day of the week. It’s more comfortable, has better
controls (transmission in particular) and has a much better interior. I’ll
trade the GT-R’s speed for all of that.

sorta nice says:

theres no clutch pedal? does have a torque converter or what..did i hear u
say twin disk clutch?.. what happens when yer at a lite?

Peter Han says:

Dude looks like a creep.

nba3sk says:

Go to bmw.com choose Europe – Germany. Go to M3. There is the price! 68750
€ that’s about 90000 $.

preefer1 says:

and when u got 60k u got almost 70k and for a BMW i would Pay that and not
that Lexus shit

SuperUselesskid says:

its 420 hp!

zlyable says:

I know, im talking about the earlier models.

anthony burke says:

Pretty affordable I mean if he can stretch it I mean it must not be that
hard to finance lol

camirocz says:

same principle as gtr or porsche pdk ,its a manual transmission internally
,but no clutch pedal.

james kang says:

youve got to be kidding me. European delivery makes the 58K base price even
cheaper, something like 52K.

Joey Omaid says:

Good stuff. Thank you

cpowell786 says:

A few years back I bought a 1990 750il with about 90,000 miles on it. I was
a little scared when I bought it due to the potential maintenance cost but
Im crazy and I will blow my budget on amazing cars. It was clean one owner
and drove amazingly. I drove the crap out of it yes I was kind of mean to
it but thats why I bought it in the first place. Other than regular
maintenance I never shelled out a single penny. I just sold it recently
with 150,000 miles on it still running fine.

Keyur Pandya says:

me too….one day///

Евгений Бочаров says:


Steen Knudsen says:

Funny that all americans hold the start button down and wait. You can push
it for a second and then wait.

cmichelucci says:

Thanks for reading the brochure… and god forbid someone wanted to enjoy a

Drumedley says:

Top Gear, Clarkson, BMW = get an honest real person to review this car.

The Millionaire Car Club says:

He has no idea what he is talking about or how to drive. Adjust the
suspension throughout the nav? The nav is only one part of the Idrive my
friend. When he is pushing the gas he is not putting it all the way down
and shifting way too early.

aydinvideo says:

Performance wise, there are lots of other cars that can match and beat it,
but as an overall package it’s one of the best- like a porsche 911.. But I
guess ultimate handling isnt my first priority. I need lots of power, a
luxurious interior, and beautiful exterior. That’s why I’m happy with my
newest car, since I’ve realized a grand tourer firs me much better then a
pure sports car like the m3. Again, I’m spoiled by a high end interior, so
this, and the c63 look cheap to me. O well.

Ross Rapoport says:

What we realized later was that we hadn’t set the car to full ‘Sport +’
mode for much of the shoot. That’s a mistake I remedied in my M6 review.
Sorry. And yes, you can use the NAV screen to get more comprehensive
adjustment of the car’s suspension/transmission/throttle settings than you
get from those little buttons on the console.

Dan Carlisle says:

ALL AMERICANS? I have been in the USA all my life and I can’t think of much
that,ALL AMERICANS do in synch. Making up national traits for the sake of
having something to say on the negative side is the work of a moron.

Pej says:

lol ok, what is it?

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