2011 BMW M5 Review – Chris Harris video diaries – EVO

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For more evo videos visit: http://www.evo.co.uk/videos/ Chris Harris reviews the new 2011 M5 with an evo Diary video.


Nakul Rana says:

It is a brilliant car. I had it for 4 months, changed 3 sets of rear tires
in that time. I don’t know of any reliability problems so far. Even touched
around 150 mph quite a few times. I loved every single second I spent with
it. It is the best performance sedan in my opinion. Nothing american will
do. Nothing else will do.

Wesley C says:

How’s that drift with this new M5?

Henry Perez says:

Chris doesnt really convince me with that last sentence…nice car though.
I just feel that lately bmw has lost some of it’s soul….///M cars used to
be the shit! they were light, nimble, and even looked the part. Nowadays
you can’t tell a standard e9X 3 series from an m3 (well the general public,
that is).


Nacer A says:

Dude gtr matching what is said on paper? come on NOW. I love GTR. A lot of
my friends have them. But there is videos of them loosing to M6 and M5 it
does not make sense on paper. The m5 your right it doesn’t match what it
says it does on paper. because the bmw website says it goes 0-60mph in 4.2
secs and it gets 3.7 secs 0-60mph. It also says the M5 is 560hp but K & N
dyno it and got to produce 630hp. So yes your right the m5 does not match
what it says on paper, its better in reality. These are facts not lies.

benjamin gam says:

looks like joe cole…..

Vitoman901 says:

bmw cars make me wanna be succesful when i grow up, they are so desireable


fuck off dumbshit

Marco C says:

like the e 63 too

abadrutt says:

the gtr is the nisssan….

I am Max says:

man watching chris in the old days wow what a change

Ge0vone says:

Bring back Chris!

marcell himawan says:

the new m5 is frickin awesome

DAZ605 says:

Not many people will notice the difference between a 50 or 60 year woman.As
for the Bimmer, It is really not purposely built.E60 was good,E39 was even
better, but this is just NOT reliable.I’ve been checking a lot of
comparisons (Russian/German ones) and everyone is saying that
quality-wise,it’s bad.

Spencer Beckman says:


Philip Battersby says:

would rather have a XK-R

Isaac Greer says:

No, I still won’t, because you said THOUSANDS of times faster than the old
one. If it went thousands of times faster, then it would go over 1,000 MPH.
It may be faster than the old one, but there is literally no way that it is
THOUSANDS of times faster.

jolo perey says:

Great car but the head rest kinda looks like a butt.

FROOB202 says:

I agree so much it’s a joke!

luisgarcia22 says:

There’s an ass crack instead of the headrest.

freshjnew says:

Naturally aspirated cars are still my preference but now that the
turbocharged cars can spool up faster I can dig it

Tom Groot says:

stupid car.

Speedy95 says:

bahahahaha “rev the tits off it”

jojajo2707 says:

take a look to some other tests what a porsche panamera turbo S is doing
with this car. the funny thing is, that the “stock” Test M5 just have 620hp
the porsche did 555hp. the tested it on dyno. the M5 lose erywhere. after 2
rounds on Hockenheim the times gets worse cause the brakes are shitty and
the rear tires are pushed to the limit. the car cant put all the power to
the ground. BTW: GTR is a different class

MrTechAddict7 says:

@wildncomplicated get in a gtr and lets see you have sex with the hard
suspension and hard tires. ill be in the m5 thanks.

Jaiv Villa says:

Drive both and you’ll understand WTF I’m talking about.

JC FDEZ says:


jvanegas14 says:

the GTR does not have 4 doors, a big trunk and a comfy ride.

gda86pl says:

you don’t get it… it’s b/c it’s got superior sound insulation…

leedon74 says:

Nice driving

geforce5700fx says:

Everything is better except the noise, miss the V10.

Aaron London says:

You buttcrack… Im defending GTR.

VagMan123 says:

they didnt put m5 csl in production so your argument is invalid and the m5
has a limiter at 155mph so your earlier argument is still invalid only
point you are proving is that youre stupid and still dont deserve to be a
bmw m lover like me

Randy Gareth says:

true, the M5 is much less suspicious due to the fact that it doesnt look
much different to an ordinary 5 series, the GTR on the other hand is
extremely suspicious thanks to its big rear spoiler, sporty rims and its
racing inspired features

TheArfdog says:

Not the most glowing review but ok.

Spencer Beckman says:

But well done Chris. I’d still take one happily.

George Stanley says:

GTR fanboys don’t drive in real life. They only understand numbers on
paper, not driving.

Jaiv Villa says:

I used to dislike this guy. I used to race myself when I was a little
younger.I think I think I can have opinion. Last week I had the PRIVILEGE
of testing this car, and when I saw this review I could not agree more with
him: People keep talking about the sound and the V10 blah blah (which I
kind of agreed) But when I drove it… this car its THOUSENS of time faster
than the old one, PLUS you are able to use it in a very confortable and
economic way (which you couldn’t AT ALL with the old one)

FROOB202 says:

Same thing with a V12?

armondm says:

Isn’t a Tesla quicker to 100 than this?

sherman3211 says:

GTR fanboys aren’t very bright obviously.

Bolo says:

I’d say so too. Awesome review.

mrzkhan1 says:

Dont deserve? Im prooving a point on how an m5 CAN be faster, so U dont
deserve to be an M5 lover or DRIVER!!! M5 CSL is faster than a F430 so shut
ur mouth, and a ferrari ges 190, old m5 goes 204mph

spiritbuu says:

lol, you ever ‘experienced’ a GTR before?

Tony Tucker says:


200208195 says:

I don’t see how it’s “a tuned up 550i” or “some copy”

msdb320 says:

yes I have.

USSxSoldatJamesRyan says:

me too

DAZ605 says:

You probably don’t know shit about the F10 Bimmer.And that comparison is
really stupid.

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