2011 BMW X3 Test Drive & Review

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Steve overtakes the 2010 BMW X3 in the brand new 2011 BMW X3 and drives us around in BMW’s new smaller suv.


woodledog says:

NOT a twin turbo, smdh.

Uza Blanco says:

The x3 is one ugly vehicle 

TheBendalina says:

Steve, like your reviewing style. You look very close to the wheel! ?? 

Sniper Exitz says:

i love the new Wheel from BMW

Persian Pride says:

nice review! thanks for this.

Amethyst752 says:

No such thing on Youtube, everyone is serious all the time

artur821000 says:

@yass2022 audi is an expensive (very very expensive) vw

Homer Simpson says:

This guy makes me want to go out and buy a car i cant afford, good job Sir.

EpicGames says:

Prefer Mercedes Benz.

girlzcantplaysports says:

BMW should make an X3m and put the M3′s 414hp engine in it. It would be
really fast.

TheAutocraze says:

@RosenthalAutomotive best review i ever watched

srk7555 says:

@Drkadrk – Thanks for watching our video. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it.
Everyone has their own opinion and we certainly appreciate your
constructive criticism. I never knew I that I was sitting in the vehicle
the wrong way… But now that you’ve enlightened me to that issue, I will
do my best to improve my posture and positioning while driving. I will also
endeavor to create a more meaningful “review” so as to meet your highest
expectations..:) Until then… Drive Safely! – Steve

D3sTiNy6666 says:

propably because he wants to sell them? :D

haismans says:

i just got an 2011 bmw x3 i love it the only thing i regret is not going
with the technology package and i went with halogen lights instead of bi
xenon im really regretting that now oh well my lease is up int 2014

curtis dougan says:

hes a salesman, he doesnt review cars he sells them, this could me a
terrible car and you wouldnt know

PlayaSnoop77 says:

Very nice review!

param3023 says:

please someone tell me the name of the song in background at 0:20 . i’ve
heard it in another video before and am searching from very long time. i
will be very thankful

Juliahni Fox says:

I think this car is very sporty looking and I this car is a great choice to
buy don`t buy any other car ever.

Chad Hill says:

What type of camera do you guys use? Your videos look FANTASTIC! I
subscribed. But hey, can you please point out some negatives? :)) Any maybe
back seat room… luggage space? :))

NickoRT735 says:

at the beggining i was like fail thats not 2011 and then i said hello to
papa xd

Arfon Harry Williams says:

How much?????

bigdi77 says:

@RosenthalAutomotive thats because he drive nice cars

srk7555 says:

Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate it. Glad to hear our
material brings a smile to your face..:) Steve

LukeBode says:

great video… the new BMW X3 is all-beautiful, I love it.

bavarian bull says:

Wow!!!! a lot a lot better than the old x3. Bmw is getting changed
everytime!!! Thanks a lot for this upload.

chris2586 says:

I like this guy, he’s entertaining but not a true reviewer. He never
actually says anything negative about any of the cars he reviews.

Lame Alex says:

the back looks great, they shouldve made the front a little more deatiled,
looks too simple and well lame, other than that the car looks great in and
out :D

colderbeer says:

Not that the 2011 X3 is tiny, but it drives much bigger than it is. And
it’s a lot bigger on the inside than it appears….there’s tons of head
room and leg room. This new X3 also steers far easier than some of the
other BMW models….the steering is very light.

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