2011 BMW X3 xDrive28i HD Video Review

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http://drivencarreviews.com/ There are a lot of luxury crossovers on the market these days. All of them can shuttle the kids, tackle rough terrain, and swall…


ormand3000 says:

Great review

GlockNinja says:

44K for a US built German Car? No thanks.

bceltics121 says:

Still ugly.

jackd166 says:

I cant get over how poor the economy is on cars in America. Why get such a
big engine? The X3 in Ireland and im sure the rest of Europe is capable of
50mpg with a 2.0L Diesel, your not getting half of that!! So bad for the

ferrariboi98 says:


mE98765mE98765mE says:

Love your reviews. Keep them coming!

eric55418 says:

fair review. thanks!

Trubbles says:

They don’t offer it here.

Highly Porsche says:

old x3 sucks

Demetre Gvaramia says:

Tom your reviews are very good! informative, entertaining and you talk
about things which are mentioned by nobody else, thats what i call a in
depth review, Good Job!

GlockNinja says:

BMW…take away the leather and expensive finish and you have a maintenance
nightmare of a Kia. Save $20K and buy a fully loaded Kia and send Kids to
better college.

5433D says:

@Tom “The Big Kahuna in this segment” haha… Big Kahuna burger… “the
corner stone of nutritious breakfast”

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