2011 BMW X6 xDrive50i Walkaround, Review and Test Drive

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Ian Marshall says:

+2theRedline +2theRedlineLLC Could you please do a review of the 2014 BMW
X3? Thanks in advance!! 

TetleyBBB says:

There is a little black button on the dash just below the center right air
vent that opens the upper glove compartment – FYI. Thanks for the review!!

2theRedline says:

2013 Escape will be up this weekend :D

Raymond P says:

The cargo room is where this vehicle really suffers vs. the x5. But wow,
what a nice interior, I dont usually prefer black, but wow is it ever
gorgeous. I really like the dual vents on the passenger/drivers side by the
windows as well.

2Kriss2Kross says:

It’s the best because it’s the only car of its kind! Lol People will buy
anything with a BMW badge.

RobLocJr says:

I think the reason its so fast is because it has TWIN turbos and an EIGHT
speed transmission Just emphasizing the reasons but yeah it is amazingly


Does the X6M have the same 4.4 V8 engine but tuned differently?

subzero92MK says:

I don’t like SUVs but I love this one!

CWRT says:

I’m not going to be a douche by saying ‘first’!

Haikal Zacaron says:

Anyone knows why there isn’t a stick shift?

Djonkie Bonk says:

Your Mom is a spoiled bitch then. Who the hell screams if they don’t like
something, that behavior is shocking enough for a 4 year old let alone a
grown lady. She can simply state her dislike for the vehicle and then move
onto something else like any human would.

shivam220 says:

i love bmw lol

TheOhknows says:


kaprise edwards says:

you having speed orgasms

thecarexpert21 says:

What happened? lol Long time no video!

xoquixxoqafxo says:

im sure the 3.0T is plenty quick still lol i thought this was too quick haha

KingFC163 says:

Keep up the great views!

gil zur says:

Great vid

wokeupthismorning100 says:


guisseppe grimaldi says:

19 inches wheels, wtf ??? it’s ugly , but 20 and 21 are avaible i hope?

WannabeSS says:

Definitely unique! Been waiting for a new video lol

DancinRandy54 says:

best 2theredline video!! this car sounds amazing

igeekone says:

Not really, with the amount of fun this thing has it’s a great driver’s

occupytosavetheworld says:

rich people get all the fun

Rick Smooth says:

They don’t call them “The ultimate Driving Machine ” for nothing, BMW cars
and suvs are heavy because they are made for the autobahn being heavy helps
keep them planted to the road at high speeds like mercedes, Audi, and VW,
that’s one of my favorite crossovers next to the Acura ZDX, that’s a nice
one to test drive as well,

dave dunn says:

Been waiting for a new vid! Didn’t know what ya went.

Kingston1661 says:

I really want one of these but even the used 2008 model is about 40,000$
might as well buy a new car!

2theRedline says:

yup, that model is tuned to make 555 ridiculous horses lol

grifster981234567890 says:

CR-V in the tags… random much?

morpheusmann says:

Love and may get this car as well as the review!

tukk3 says:

He didn’t mean she literally screamed…

Lehnin says:

in Europe it is alnost twice as expensive as in the U.S…..

MRFUCKOFF202 says:

This sounds better than the X6M

Prettygossip says:

I hate it, because I can’t buy it! :(

issacsucks says:

it is only the 35i x drive but it cost a pretty penny of $75K its loaded
though, and a 5 seater which is a plus

Michele Giuseppe Iurlo says:

Definately not overpriced… in Europe thats like 60k € which means it
costs around the half of an M5…or an Audi R8/A8 or an Gallardo…And this
car is well worth the price ;)

Samir Alim says:

Hggm range rover sport?

Veyronp87 says:

well done sofyan! have you guys considered getting sponsors so that you can
really take this to the next level and become the next big automotive media

Peter Lein says:

This car costs more than 265.000$ in Norway, don’t complain bro!

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