2011 BMW Z4 sDrive30i Review, Walkaround, Startup, Exhaust

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2011 BMW Z4 sDrive30i (PREMIUM PACKAGE!) Check out this link for pics of this Z4: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=441943152533959&set=a.3428191757796…


Jamal Walker says:

The previous owner was probably ugly, hence the broken vanity glass.

Robert111 says:

Is this idiot trying to sell this car? What an idiot.

Faisal Altraiki says:

can you plz do a mustang v6 standerd

1bentley4ever says:

LOL topless pride.

Joshuabrutl says:

Didn’t mention the better looking and faster roadster Chrysler Crossfire
srt6 , I drive the na but wish I had an srt

Rodman Finnegan says:

The 2013 Z4sdrive35i is actually pretty fast. The inline 6 can out run a
2012 Porsche Boxter with ease

WannabeSS says:

Might have a first generation Z4 in our garage pretty soon… good value
and my dad really likes it..

harlemkiid149 says:

chrysler makes ugly cars period

Ryan Langmuir says:

bring back Sofyan now!

Simon Chuo says:

Not liking interior quality of this BMW

oscar trujillo says:

Damn must have been shrek who owned the car shattered the mirror bad lol

Alex Michel says:


BeemerKid760 says:

What auction was this ??? and where ??

Kev50027 says:

Unfortunately the new Z4s are a bit too soft. They’re more for cruising
rather than sporty driving. I hear the top of the line model is sporty, but
the fact that the lower end models are cruisers turns me off to a of them.
I loved my 06 Z4, but it had far too much understeer for a fast roadster.

n777ua says:

Drawing some bizarre incoherent correlation between the reliability of a
dash storage compartmen in a Fusion…Rolleyesx1000.Please get a clue. J

123chunhou says:

No fogs lol

fordgolfer25 says:

I miss sofyan!!!

Simon Chuo says:

idk, a soft touch dash just makes a car feel like a much higher quality
product. Volkswagen sort of started this whole craze and now the automotive
media will criticize any sort of small or midsize car if it doesn’t come
with a soft touch dash. That’s what i’ve seen. Personally, as look as it
doesn’t look cheap to me, i could care less.

jamal terrell says:

the sDrive35i is now single turbo. The sDrive35is still has the N54 twin

Zac Fonzi says:

Who spends their time touching their dash. Every time I get in my car to go
somewhere, I like to feel my dash before I leave.

Javen Rain says:


White03T4RV82WD says:

I don’t like small cars like this but the Z4 has really caught my eye. But
no oil dipstick….. And you’d most likely pay 250 at a dealer for me is
just plain stupid to me.

timtime88 says:

Mirror fail. LOL

CWRT says:

Come on guys, both Sofyan and Chris are great car reviewers!

1234fllf says:

That steering wheel resembles a Mustangs wheel

TheAymanhawk23 says:

OMG the crossfire looks like the arse is melted..

bmwmsport11 says:

The Z4 shouldn’t be offered in 28i trim. Who wants a small 2.0L 4cly in a

Brisk2124 says:

It looks like it would be fast..But its not.

Joshuabrutl says:

I LOVE the engine on the z4

Santiago Figueroa says:

11:42 lol

MrMustang210 says:

I don’t want to be f*ed up. But I’m so glad sofyan took over.

TheMetalmachine467 says:

The 4 cyl twin turbo only puts out 240 hp

Faisal Altraiki says:

hahaha so fucking funny love your videos

1bentley4ever says:

Topless….well this car WAS designed by two women.

Hugh Woatmeigh says:

This guy sounds like the stereotypical homo.

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