2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35is – Drive Time Review

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Drive Time review of the new 2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35is by auto critic Steve Hammes.


ljackso says:

The Porsche Boxster S will blow the doors off the Z4. Still it is a nice

snowysnowcones says:

Looks good. Sounds good too.

NAGULNR2 says:

@stevehammes is this bmw FULLY automatic gear change?i wanna buy a
convertable for long drives (im talking about hunters of miles)and i dont
want to change the gears.The audi TTS convertable is in the same price
range so would u recommand it over this BMW?And does the audi TTS have
fully automatic gear change aswell? So to summ everything up:Does this bmw
have fully automatic gear change? Does the audi TTS have fully automatic
gear change? Would u recommand the Audi over this BMW? Thanks.

swtcaboy says:

Steve, I’m 6’2 and sat in one at the dealer wasn’t able to position the
seat to where I get comfortable and to add to that, I’m not one that likes
to sit very far from the steering wheel and I had it back as far as I could
go. You look tall yet you fit perfectly in this car, there must have been a
seat setting I missed…. You hear many complaints about this with this

SammerJammer says:

He simply said the only Z4 to do a sub 5 run to 60, I was just pointing out
the older one is just as fast if not faster

Highly Porsche says:

I love porsches and I drive a porsche as well. My first car was the 1st
gen. z4 and I loved it but I gotta say, this new z4 especially the 35is is
very attractive to me and I’m thinking of purchasing one soon in black. =)

Dimitris Roubos says:

Awesome review ? The car handles awful loosing its rear at once in sudden
maneuvers while its steering is not as informative as it should especially
at this price range. I have read a dozen reviews and i tested the car
myself. I love beemers, but at this price range boxter s is a far superior
car. This review is totally useless and i just notice it has 202 views. no

graykin22 says:

@h4h4h4 I haven’t seen 1 single female drive this so far in my town.

Ronny King says:

@SammerJammer you are fucking stupid, he is talking about the new gen

Jose Sandoval Lermont says:

I respect a lot the Mercedes-Benz, I don’t like anything that Audi does,
but I respect it and the R8 as well. God, I loves the BMW car brand.


This car is better and more beautiful than the Audi TT roadster…but the
old Audi TT is more beautiful than both! :)

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@QuickD34th Hey, glad you found my review helpful! The Boxster S is a fine
machine…comparably equipped it costs thousands more. I also parked this
Z4 next to one at my local ice cream stand one night and guess which car
stole the show? Right; the Z4! Hey, if all you’re looking to do is to take
one of these cars to the autocross course every weekend than go buy a
Boxster S. However, this Z4 produces a more satisfying OVERALL experience.

hubbytweaked says:

1 stop at the M devision witha quick remap the Z4 puts out a 410 BHP..
Soooo after a 1k cost its still cheaper then the cockster S.. + when your
driving a boxster.. you know someday a 911 will pull up next to yours..

SammerJammer says:

@JIHRA24 Yeah i get what he said i just wanted to make it clear the older
model can easily match that if not better it, but thanks for clearing
something up i already understood

Slacker Me says:

awesome looking car.

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@SammerJammer Check your facts; there is no longer a Z4 M.

SammerJammer says:

@stevehammes I’m talking about the E85/E86 chassis not the new ones

SammerJammer says:

Suck a stupid comment indeed, my comment was factual, the older E85/6 Model
Z4 did in fact reach 60 in less then 5 seconds

Omar Ghozy says:

do new porche boxster s 2013 the new one

Minh1110 says:

you idiot making suck a stupid comment.

colla 555 says:

Is this Karmesinrot Uni (non metallic red)? It looks a bit dark to me. Or
is it Melbourne metallic?

rohan77ify says:

I miss the M roadster.

HyperMatri x says:

Regardless of all the “M” touches…it’s still a sad piece of machinery.
Supercharged 3.5L engine that gets 0-60 in 4.7 seconds? The 3.2L ’06 Z4M
engine pulled 0-60 in just 4.6 seconds. And it was naturally aspirated. And
from watching the video, the suspension on this Z4 is far too soft. They
may have given the car an M appearance…but it’s far from it, in terms of
performance. May as well buy an STI.

andreaeveryday says:

wow this is just amazing. my face is like :O as I watch this..

SammerJammer says:

Only z4 that will go 0-60 in under 5?? Check your facts, predominantly the
last z4 with a true M engine

Daniel Hansen says:

Brilliant car and great review! Is this a car you could see yourself
buying, Steve?

SammerJammer says:

@stevehammes really? you didnt say new, u said any z4 in general

FalkensMaze89 says:


MacbookProWizard says:

This is such an incredible car.

AutoShiftQc says:

you have one of the best job. testing every single car on the market must
be amaizing

Marcel Robertson says:

dream car for real

PuppetKing says:

What a beauty!


Im looking into purchasing this car i cant wait! :D

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