2012 Audi A1 review – What Car?

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A small car with Audi qualities and the Audi badge can’t fail. All the petrol engines are good, and quality is up to the usual Audi standards. The A1 has a f…


TheCamshafter says:

I had the 2013 A1 s line 1.6 tdi 5 door for 3 days, this car does it all.
great power delivery, handling ultra sharp. Great in the rain as well. Very
good fuel economy. Cannot fault it. And the women love it. What a car.

Coins2010 says:

The s line suspension is pretty good also if you want mpg and speed get the
2 litre tdi version also I recommend the leather sports seats

6r4ff3r says:

Love the car, but dislike the review, because is nothing special for a car
launched in 2010.

Eduards Hollow says:

Well Alfa’s are expensive to fix and propably more expensive to run! They
arent so good in quality also!

Eugene Tan says:


c63 says:

have a1 with 185hp.. and omg i love that thingi…

INFOKingTiger says:

One option to have on this car is the BOSE system it is awesome :)

future3 says:

For a slightly cheaper price than the A1 1.4/122 S Line, you could get a
Alfa Mito QV – which looks 10 times better, has better performance and

Michael Lenoch says:

Ideally, yes. But not so as to be biased. I hope.

Jack Shaw says:

When did professor green start reviewing cars?

Michael Lenoch says:

WhatCar always praises every car they review.

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