2012 Audi A4 Test Drive & Luxury Car Video Review

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http://www.autobytel.com/audi/a4/2012/ The 2012 Audi A4 is a good looking luxury car with wonderful proportions, a great engine, and a legendary AWD system. …


D800Lover says:

In August 2914, I am going to Switzerland and want to hire a car. I would
love it to be this one, but I expect that they will only have the
front-wheel only drive. Surely there must be somebody who can let me hire
the four-wheel drive as shown in the video?

buildmorefarms100 says:

Ron, why are you always trying to keep your arms flexed during the reviews?
It looks silly 1:42…Cant you keep your hands at your sides for even 1

SoulElitex says:

is it true audi has low reliability?

AdamAus85 says:

C class is the best looking in class I think. And I’m a Bimmer man.

Deadlygangsta says:

Lol I don’t why some say there is a lot of leg room. My parents have never
driven my audi a4 claiming its tight, especially the back seats. I love the
car though.

Narendra Jayasuriya says:

@sherman – your comparison to a previous Audi owner???? Which most probably
means an older version and not the 2012. So your hard seat noisy engine and
poor plastics statement is highly inaccurate thus all this without owning
one. Sorry but you should read up about the new Audi or go down to the Audi
gurage prior to posting mate. No hate intended.

magellanmax says:

Most of their sales were based on bigger engines. The 4 cylinders were
entry level models that people passed over for the prestigious 6.

DarkPlasmaLord45 says:

Is there an automatic version of this? As in no paddle shifts, and handles?

TJ Armstrong says:

wait on that.

dreamworld4urlife says:

if you are an infiniti fan you should watch this i uploeaded the video
check it out

SoulElitex says:

I don’t know how you can consider this car to be garbage, but the $49k
nearing a fully loaded a4. You can get an a4 with a decent amount of
options for 40k

SoulElitex says:

omg same

stepan12 says:

thumbs up for wagon !!!!!!

vinhhsanityy says:

same here with my q5

myazriable says:

Starting save money 2 buy this shit

SoulElitex says:

i just got an a4 and it was surprising how much bigger the a4 was than its

Fussinated says:

Reviewer BMW, and Mercedes knew the 4 bangers long befor AUDI. They merely
consider Americans as idiots who starve for power regardless the mpg,
that’s why they export their expensive and big engine models in the US. If
you don’t believe me log in the original web site of them and see their
product line up. Also chcek the 4 cylinders mpg from BMW Merc and AUDI they
are the worst mpg 4 bangers in the market.

Christian Raab says:


Chris says:

I need to buy one.

Dave Jubens says:

VAG owns numerous companies, such as Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti,
Skoda etc. You don’t say that a Bugatti is a VW with a new badge, do you?

Lavdi says:

if ain’t German it ain’t a Car !

the1mdriver says:

hello, by now you may have made a decision, but I figured you may still
appreciate some insight given how many choices you mentioned… So I think
you would do well to stay away from the 2010 A6 as that was really when the
brand was just realizing the design momentum which has really started to
show in the current line up. The improvements and benefits may not seem
obvious but I am positive you will come to appreciate just how much better
the newer Audi’s are after more time. so unless you …

Digs259 says:

it might have more legroom than those vehicles but it doesn’t have more
than the volvo s60

hows 'bout it says:

Is this still built in Mexico, and have the electrical issues been cleared
and resolved? Don’t want to spend more on a car that is already expensive
and has a bad reputation for break downs in cold climates.

g1122123 says:

Same price you can pick up a 07 08 Full size luxury car like the 7 series
or a8, or a 2010 a6, e class, or 5 series.

5r4nd0n says:

Research the 2.0T’s tendency to burn oil.

DJR5280 says:

yes and no, i have talked to a4 owners that have had tons of issues and
some that have not one issue and usually the people that have no issues all
take really good care of there car and change the oil every 3 to 5 thousand
miles instead of 12 thousand like audi recommends, the 2.0t however does
have some oil burning issues but again not everyone has those problems .i
would buy newer 4 with a 8 speed or 6 speed manual , the multitronic has
some issues as well

ChagallGauguin says:

They couldnt put full led, they had to make dots

TheHoth1 says:

My car is 20k less expensive and has no hesitation (hint: manual

jasonhamilton1780 says:


Zach Payne says:

buying a used german car no longer under warranty for that much money is
not very smart….

reevsaj says:

BMW and Mercedes have been selling 4 cylinder 3 Series and C Classes in
Europe for just as long (if not longer) than Audi has been selling the A4.

the1mdriver says:

wedszpart 2 – are really set on it, I would scratch the 2010 A6 off the
list… The Merc is a nice car but very different from the A4 s-line, which
is also a great car but again, just very different from the A4 so I’m not
sure what you really appeals to you , but the overall best vehicle in that
class in still the BMW 3 so I would check out the 2013 328i. Iff you want
to reply with a few needs/wants in your next vehicle, I’d be happy to
recommend something and explain why,…cheers

lukeboss3 says:


westsideO7O says:

Idiot, the audi A4 is the best car in its class with legroom and its
comftort as fuck.

wongwuipong says:

Audi is a volks wagon with a new badge.

Kedus Meheretu says:

ich un shliegin hoogan

Eljaz Sz says:


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

i’m filled with jellyness

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