2012 Audi A6 3.0T Prestige Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2012 Audi A6 3.0T Prestige. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car whi…


George Alan says:

Great job, thanks a lot. 

mike carey says:

Nice review.. How does this car compare with the Cadillac CTS-V4 Platinum?

Reid Offers says:

Why is the shift knob look the exact same as a 2008 jetta

Berke Kaan Karakas says:

why did he always press the unlock button twice is there any reason about

Majk Dušicka says:

Best Car limousines in the middle upper class

Jeffrey Carter says:

Another incredible review. Thanks!

Jonathan Washington says:

@sucio323 if you have to come on YouTube and announce to everyone that your
getting this then you don’t deserve it actually no 18 y/o deserves a car
like this not even rich one how about you work for you a6 then you will
deserve it

MrRAB94 says:

This is my dream car. I love Audi.

Mohammed Ashan says:


william brown says:

great review!

melwyn gabriel says:

19:37 what is sh doing there :-0

Nebin Baby says:

in design, the audi is first class

Shadaab Afaq says:

had a personal experience with AUDI A6. its AWESOME!

Shadaab Afaq says:

song <3 Nothing else matters.

nick omiya says:

This 3.0t is possibly one of the smoothest forced induction motors I have
driven. I personally like the BMW N55 motor more, feels more raw and makes
a better exhaust and engine sound, but for smoothness this engine is

David Bucci says:

Please do an 05-11 A6!!!! I would greatly appreciate it (:

Brandon S says:

My sister have one

maideo says:

This package looks better than the standard one, I must say.

Oppozite59 says:

pfff, what a fuck… small car & little space behind front seats. Why this
car have 4 doors? No no no, i dont need this car

INumba1Stunna says:

I wish you could review the B7 (2007) Audi RS4 sedan.
That’s my dream Audi right there. ^ :)

Fabijan Hoić says:

Metallica.. <333

El Xavico says:

buen videooo.. sigue adelante por fa un Koenigsegg CCX

Malachi Sims says:

Kyle can you Please do and Audi Q7 Premium plus

Tesla Fan says:

that front end is just…. those led lights….. lawd

Roman G. says:

Vorsprung durch Technik !

Vasilis Stefanidis says:

5.43. where is the battery??::O

bobi b says:

The Audi car for a great car and a private a6 2012 beautiful and powerful
car I own one which is as a very great car

Keino Rahming says:

I must say that the tech in this car is impressive…….and so
straightforward to us………If I could afford one I would definitely have
this park in my drive way. Great review kyle04

B Wizzle says:

I’d personally suggest the S5

Ramanjeet Kaur says:


ichosen1x says:

Because you can’t afford, No need to slag it off.

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