2012 Audi A6 – First Drive

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Senior Editor Jonny Lieberman heads to Sicily to try out Audi’s new high-tech and low-weight 2012 Audi A6 sedan. Read full story here: http://www.motortrend….


SirianKings says:

Hey, it’s Fidel Castro reviewing.

bartjanssen89 says:

@awhodatt My thoughts exactly.

NikoBell12 says:

This and the S6 aren’t M5 competitors. The RS6 is an M5 competitor, if you
will, but then again that will only come as a wagon. The M5 F10 has no
wagon, the only sedan version like that car is the RS7 and that competes
with the M6 F14(Gran Coupe). You’re dumb.

allisinthepass says:

dont like new front lights

ThousanWhite says:


NikoBell12 says:

You’re an idiot.

Londo Mollari says:

Lacking steering feel? Maybe. But you forgot to mention, it’s the highest
griping car in its calls and its cornering speed is very high.

jipi0001 says:

i love the headlights

rforracing says:

Audi FAILS. FWD, no dual clutch, only 310 hp. I’d rather get the 2012
Genesis 3.8. Its RWD, 8 speed auto and 333 hp.

Tony Yuan says:

orgy of technology lol

benni co says:

Its only newer.

1bentley4ever says:

Keep up the work Audi, and you will remain king of luxury auto sales!!!

Tyler Allen says:

@awhodatt why does he need a raise if he gets to go to all the great places
to see cars?!

korn14420 says:

@wwaalltthheerr lol probly an old one not a brand new one

Austen says:

Great review and what neat features that car has.

ROJM says:

love that guys voice and personality!!!

YuJia Liu says:

i think they do offer quattro in 2.0t, only the lowest option without it.

MuzeTV says:

why italy? audi is german!!

ricepaddy69 says:

@PKmode It would be nice if they decided to bring it to North America.

Reg M says:

@ronmann606 Yeah but the true enthusiast will at the very least throw on
some bolt-on’s. A few aftermarket bolt-on’s void the entire warranty?

90Mrknowitall says:

o i see 4cyls or taking the place of v6s and v6s are taking the place of
gas guzzling v8s soon v8s would be obsolete IMO

marshknute says:

@rforracing It has all-wheel-drive. Ever heard of Quattro? As for
gearboxes, you don’t seem to have listened to the video: the A6 has an
8-speed auto and according to you, so does the Genesis. As for horsepower,
I guarantee you wouldn’t be able to notice a 23 hp difference (Also,
remember that the Audi’s engine capacity is smaller). BTW, I am not an A6
fan (I prefer the 5-series), but I think you should check your facts.

90Mrknowitall says:

@mak450 Smartass point buddy!!

Illmatic662 says:

That Quartz is a sick color.

Twsit133 says:

Orgy of technology?

lyle recollet says:

@rforracing but who wants to own a Genesis, besides you?

SPMNDK89 says:

I have an E60 5 series that’s approaching 100K miles. So many choices now,
if I was a chick the new E-Class would be a no brainer because Mercedes
have the largest mirrors for applying makeup when you’re on the go but
since I was born with parts that dangle, I want a fast car with superior
performance and this Audi is carrying some serious swag over the 5 series.
Still I like the 5 Series design a little more. Those eyeliner LEDs never
worked for me.

usama1119 says:

Dont like the rear it looks like the jetta.

buttnut1080 says:

This guy must review cars when he’s not attending Jewish Fat camp.

cocoba2000 says:

Since I drive my A6 am a younger man, more handsome and wealthy. It’s so
sexy! This car is magic! Try it!

NikoBell12 says:

I hated the last one.

ZorlocMortimer says:

@Jmoneyy100 S6 will have a v8 i don’t really see a reason IMO to have a v8
in S and non S form.

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