2012 Audi A6 Test Drive & Luxury Car Review

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http://www.autobytel.com/audi/a6/2012/?id=32972 The 2012 Audi A6 is part of the mid-sized luxury car segment that has been dominated by the BMW 5-Series and …


Returnedlol says:

Great A6 Review 

flyingDman says:

Your review sounds like a commercial. Are you paid by Audi? Unbiased,
objective analysis, that’s what I would like. Also get your facts
straight: the BMW also offers hand writing recognition.

Kev199117 says:

Great review. More people really should start buying Audis.

Carfan678 says:

Mercedes e class all the way

Keeth Y says:

this beat the 5 series, im a HUGE HUGE BMW fan, but ill get this than the 5
series 535, i felt bad but its so worth it! oh btw my dad is getting the
3.0T quattro ;] whew!

SoulElitex says:

I don’t get why Audis aren’t as popular as other luxury brands. Audi
definitely has proved themselves and deserve to be among the top.

thomas backer says:

ok thats a good decsion but we r talking about audi not bmw ;)

AreEssScape says:

49-74k, that’s quite a range lol.

Jair PV says:

The interior of the 5 Series is boring.

Narrowc ross says:

Fake wood is on BMW, not this Audi kid

Mr Cars says:

this car shits on every car in its class

Billy Sou says:

As of now, BMW’s 5 series now has the 2.0L 240-hp turbo I-4 as its base
model. However, most BMW 5 series shoppers won’t be looking at that engine
unless they’re exremely fuel efficient. Still, if I had around $60k, I’d
still take the Audi A6 Quattro over the BMW 5 series with X-drive.

Valentino Lanier says:

Buffalo ny is cold

Pedro Thevenard says:

The S4 use the same engine as the A6 a V6 Supercharged.

billthestinker says:

does audi still have quality problems?

Kev199117 says:

The Audi’s interior is gorgeous. I’ve sat in the E-Class, 5-Series, and A6
and the A6 has the best interior hands down.

Fussinated says:

That dashboard can’t be the best looking in the segment with those dials
pointing the floor.

Felix Pfaltermann says:

I don’t understand why they don’t mention that the A6 was also named the
safest car in the world for 2012. Just may be something worth listing…

Bare36 says:

it never had any.i drive audi a6 ’96 with over 450 000km (250
000miles).still running good

J. Watson says:

Great review. I want one of these, I believe it to be a tremendous
investment into where cars are going and how great a car this already is.
Thanks for a great review. Take care.

old libs says:

i love the audi a6, however i went for the 5 m sport because i know what am
getting for my money however if the 5 does not live up to its name i will
be trading it in for an audi a6……only time will tell

KoivuTheHab says:

Not really…

Vien Quach says:

Great review in general, but nothing in depth

johhnny93 says:

“quattro” is the first form of AWD to put in a car :)

trencher7 says:

I’m having a tough time deciding between this car and the restyled 2012 Jag

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