2012 Audi A7 – Drive Time Review with Steve Hammes

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Drive Time review of the all-new 2012 Audi A7 by auto critic Steve Hammes www.DriveTime.cc.


mercedes swan says:

Finally a car that makes red look sexy…

Matthew Swain Smith says:

art in engineering

Corveette says:

sex on wheels

shokid says:

My g/f’s boss has a 2012 A7 and it has shift paddles, wonder why this one
didn’t have it. Very nice ride, smooth, powerful, nothing bad to say about

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@thugangel662 Some people like it, some people don’t. It’s a
once-in-a-while kind of thing.

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@fanfinmiami Like it. Look for the updated 2013 model here soon.

Chiadika Joseph Chiobi says:

Great vehicle, fun design, beautiful interior (especially the display
screen), and strategically competitive price. I LIKE!!!

Billy Sou says:

Same question, but I’ll ask, but more similar, A7 or A6. I’ll take the A6
over the BMW 5-series.

RetroGamerVX says:

I’ve had 2 Audi’s, reliability was terrable and the dealers were worse!
Shame, not too bad looking a car for audi (Audi’s always look like jelly
moulds), although I don’t know any engineers that buy Audi’s. Nice Review

d0ugz24 says:

All of these new Audi’s are beautiful! Great review Steve! I also noticed
the areas you test your cars in are very nice. If you don’t mind me asking,
where do you usually test drive your cars?

Moreoff says:

Only available to customers who reside in states where front license plates
are not required!

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@thugangel662 Soon? Probably next spring.

Mr Cars says:

god damn this car is amazing

laskjdgx says:

Hey Steve will you be reviewing the hyundai veloster anytime soon? Thanks

HolySuperSheep says:

This would have been the car of my dreams if it just had a manual
transmission. I just don’t get why every premium car has an automatic, yes
it is comfortable but the manual offers better fuel economy, more
entertaining driving, often better performance, and it’s weighs nothing
compared to the damned auto gearbox. Give me an A7 with a 6-speed manual
and I’m sold!

InevitableBlue says:

This car is beautiful, reminding me of the CC. My neighbor has a 09 A8 &
that thing is always in the shop. VW/Audi just isn’t practical.

Alex says:

Right now, I drive a 2013 A4 premium plus. What would be a good update
after? An A6 or an A7? Comfort, fuel economy, and road presence are all
equally important for me.

mrbigtime81 says:

Luxury and AUDI? pfff. Look at MERCEDES for LUXURY.

Caleb Marks says:

Beautiful car, and 310hp is plenty of power.

fanfinmiami says:

On the theme of Coupes disguised as Sedans, how do you feel about the
Volkswagen CC Steve? I rarely see any videos on that car anywhere.

thugangel662 says:

Are you gonna review the new M5 anytime soon Steve?

Billy Sou says:

@76carmel And over Mercedes E-class.

triplexxxsatyr says:

Heh. The Michigan plates seem to give away where you are in this location,
Steve. Everyone should get a chance to see this car in real life. It has
presence. I can guarantee you that if you put this car in the pack of other
luxury cars in a valet parking lot, you cannot miss it.

TestDriveNow.com featuring Drive Time with Steve Hammes says:

@edurmSP Yes.


as sleek as audi general design language may be, i`m getting sick of the
same ol`same ol`by them slapped on almost all of their models acroos the
line up, it takes away heavily from the beauty to see all cars almost

shokid says:

@shokid maybe a Canadian option.

DjRicoProdigy says:

This is the car i want!

HomemadeTecStuff says:

BMW 6-series is a much more sporty car. And a much better driving machine
over all. BMW has always been a couple of heads above audi in making cars.

Amer ibrahim says:

I bought one two weeks ago

SomeCrazyFellow says:

I don’t understand why they don’t put the new twin-turbo diesel V6 they’re
got in the European A6. 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. Absolutely amazing. And it’ll
get 35mpg American.

artujketube says:

CLS anyday

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