2012 Audi A7 Prestige Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of the all new 2012 Audi A7 Prestige. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car …


Brian Griffin says:

My family has nothing but Audi’s! Such a great car

ap bullet says:

You should do a Audi rs7 

crude75 says:

I hope this will be my next car

Garrett Ikemoto says:

Audi ROCKS!!

8150shaf says:

I currently own a BMW 3 Series Convertible and a Mercedes C Class. I’m
looking to upgrade the Merc to an Audi A7, A6 or anything similar. Does
anyone have ideas on what I should consider? (I’m open to anything from
BMW, Mercedes and Audi only)

FordmanGT500 says:

This is a beautiful Audi. & Great video as always kyle. Keep it up man 

Jason Xiong says:

Love Audi !!!

Acura rlx sport hybrid sh awd says:


Vipergiz says:

Dad has a 2014, there are a few noticeable differences in the interior but
it is mainly the same. 

Fez PCA says:

Good review

Robert Pilař says:

Nice video, thanks for that man.. Well done

SuperNaturalist says:

This car is just straight up classy and sexy….

anas jirari says:

AUDI S8 2014

L1212 says:

This is the most beautiful car on earth

Larissa Foster says:

This will be my next car! Must have 

EasyKiils says:

im getting rs7 if that comes out

teknodisko says:

Fuck the A7, I want the rs7.

dryolddesert says:

Its a pretty car. I however find the interior a littlr too complicated.
Look at the audi mmi, the layout is too messy. There’s just too much
buttons to control the mmi. Merc’d command and BMW’s idrive have less
buttons. The gauages are also confusing with some many sub menu avaialable.
The interior look immaculate 2 yrs ago but from today’s standard its
getting a little dated. The wood trim just isn’t luxurious enough. Thats
the reason why I bought thr 6 gran coupe

MLGArielMejia says:

CLS?…… Okay , the day that shitty ass car compares to something so pure
like something like this, will be the day you like audi.

Troy Donahue says:

Jay does not own many modern cars. He collects too many older vehicles.

Adamjones2002 says:

thumbs up if u want a review for Q7

bmwmsport11 says:

i wouldnt say expensive. the A7 does cost less than the MB CLS-Class and
BMW 6-Series GranCoupe. also, you do notice more than half of the drivers
of cars like these leased the vehicles right? thats why in about 2-3 years
you see alot of these at car lots with 20-36k miles on them. nobody
actually buys these cars anymore. my neighbor drives a 2013 S550. and
everybody else here drives normal cars like camrys and CR-Vs.

koolbreez9865 says:

I own a 2009 A6…my next move will be either be a 2013 A6 or 2012 A7!
Thought about the 2010 A8…but its pretty big…BMW 750 size!

RyanAudi39 says:

Awesome car!!! My dad wants an Audi A7 someday when he can afford one :)

Bjork Vlogdok says:

A6 = canal boat A7 = cruiserliner A8 = fucking oil tanker!

Troy Donahue says:

Maybe you are putting your mind onto too many other things.

contractki11er says:

Did they add the center rear seat for the 2013 model year?

Alex Vennos says:

True car lovers appreciate all cars and don’t compare

FuuLLSpeeD says:

Yeah, I need to work harder. Harder like 10 lives from now on.

John Padjen says:

I need to change my underwear…

Jeremiah Jackson says:

My favorite and best Audi

john kosmopoulos says:

my friend has a audi a7 just like that but black but my mom is getting a
audi a7 and my dad has a audi q7

gasoline says:

I feel people just want to be different. Like I want an Audi for the fact a
lot of people I know don’t drive them. I think they are pretty nice cars
and seems to be well built.

MultiSavetheplanet1 says:

beautiful car, interior looks good, front grill looks good….the only
thing i do not like about audi’s…the shape of the back..rear…..they
need to do a better job shaping the rear…other than that…beautiful car

Kevan Mann says:

No, it’s not cruel, you just need to work hard.

Vega America says:

Is t it crazy how every single car company copied Audi’s led lights

CookieDance125 says:

Audi : the best quality ! <3

derektheproducer says:

Beautiful car!

Rappate CFX says:


2424Goldie says:

Turn on fog lights?????? I don’t see any!!!

Yuva Y says:

Your emphasizing way too much on the MMI.

bigtruckseriesreview . says:

Suck dicks for money instead. Harder for the cops to catch you in the act
and the extra protein will do wonders for your health – unless you get AIDS.

Jorge Loquendo says:

R8 Front lights <3

FlightX101 says:

I wasnt a big fan until I saw one in person :)

NikoBell12 says:

Just saying, asshole. And you don’t know me, so don’t say “always”.

Michael Rodriguez says:

Hey Kyle im a huge fan of your auto reviews best in YouTube I was wondering
if your ever going to review the 2014 Infiniti Q50? I haven’t seen a full
in dept on the vehicle yet, hopefully you’ll consider it thanks

MacTwiggles says:

didnt see such a beautiful design for years

san winsco says:

Please get a new HD Cam since i subscribed to you :D

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