2012 Audi A7 Test Drive & Luxury Car Review

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http://www.autobytel.com/audi/a7/2012/?id=32972 The 2012 Audi A7 Sportback can also be called a 4-door coupe. It has raised a lot of eyebrows since debuting …


8150shaf says:

A lot of these reviewers talk about the styling being really amazing, and
no comments there it is a stunning car. But I think it’s a little more
conservative than the CLS when seeing it on the road.

Rick Stylus says:

gorgeous car indeed

Germain Gonzalez says:

My dad has one and he is a truck driver. He traded in his king ranch for
this and he is the happiest man in the world with this car

Jose Guilarte says:

this guy looks like a character right out of Saint’s row

idiotzrule says:

If you had more than shit for brains you wouldn’t publicly embarrass
yourself. The dash is more of less the same in all of them just like I
said, there are 3 or 4 steering wheel options in Audis so yes the steering
wheel is exactly the same if you happened to be in a car with that same
wheel, these are all things you would know if you didn’t have shit for
brains. What I have stated is correct, your comment regarding idiots and
trolling is exactly what you are/doing. Goodbye idiot.

Haddo Haddoo says:


Ahmad Aziz says:

Audi A7…… The GOD of Car’s

uffe91 says:

I’d say that quattro is there for improved handling when pushing the car to
its limits on the road rather than off the road.

Nick Schneider says:

Audi is the best. Lexus is bad, BMW is not good,Mercedes Benz is just not
an Audi. But this is just my opinion

Tim Jones says:

Mercedes CLS and BMW 640i Gran Coupe look so much better.

Narrowc ross says:

2 reasons people dont like em 1-Looks arent so good, esp when you compare
them to its German revials 2-Well still one of the least reliable cars in
the world.

thomas backer says:

wow big words from a tiny kid!! if u kip writing that kinda shit and care
about fucking details like u do its not weird at all that i call u a loser
!! just fuck off and dont spary bullshitt!! cause if u dont stop u will get
big problems u cant hand lol!!!

allusefulinfo says:

There is no way this car should not have an 8 cylinder option.

Highway Star says:

Im in love

wiih8ps3 says:

A7 is great, I could fit a few dead bodies in that hatch.

thomas backer says:

ok ur fucked i get it u dont have to imbares urself anymore retard
fuckass!!! and dont use words sutch as:mentally,challenged and coherent
not waste anymore time on u cause u cant understand a single word i say.
its not that i spell them wrong its u that havent heard of slang where u
take words an mix them to something u have made urself. but not gonna
explain that to u. u will never get that!!! ………fucking retard-.-.

gil zur says:

Beautiful place and the back side of this car is like AMAZING

corbind93 says:

he took the words right out of my mouth when he said sexy!!!!

idiotzrule says:

I don’t have anything to address, what I stated is fact. Not only a fact
but a fact that I really couldn’t give a shit about. Just like Audi and
their fans. Im not on the high horse because you are a nonentity to me, one
who in blissful ignorance of reality started calling me an idiot and a

dunti21 says:

Ok, so you can have the same steering wheel if you want. You didn’t address
anything I said. Get off your high horse, asshole

mi amigo says:

shut up kid. go finish ur homework

hyerty63 says:

Hyundai sonata. Volkswagen cc. Mercedes cls. Audi a7. Jaguar xj. All have
that swoop coup look thats the new style and change car generation

max audi says:

LMAO reading this especially with all the comical errors. Thanks for making
me laugh again. Next time you decide to call out and question another
person’s manhood/gender and criticize his spelling skills, you should look
in the mirror first. By the way, “you’re” is another way of saying “you

idiotzrule says:

All Audis have the same interior!

Billy Sou says:

Another comparison BMW 5-Series GT.

Conan Fan says:

no car better than this, the led lights shit on the competition

robertmartinhill says:

Dear Santa…

Peter Tomaro says:

They all have the same exterior too!? You can barely tell the difference
between an A4 and a A8?! When you see an S Class you know that it’s
expensive! Audi needs to work on that!

allusefulinfo says:

At that price point it should at least be an option to me.

max audi says:

STFU already! just go back to your boring life dreaming of owning cars like
these and when you finally own one then maybe you can add some value by
telling us how they ride instead of being just a dumb hater

supermohamad1 says:

i got to test drive this car and it is amazing.

InevitableBlue says:

i want it

Jair PV says:

That is false. The A7 is base on the A6, that’s the reason.

max audi says:

Hmmm, let’s see how many mistakes you’ve made here. First, there’s no need
for an apostrophe in the use of the word “comment’s.” “You’re mind” is also
an incorrect phrase; it should simply be “your mind.” Also the word “get’s”
is used improperly in your first sentence. It should be simply be “gets.”
So thanks for playing and proving what an idiot you really are.

ben ten says:

i came watching this car

mbrwn25 says:

no audi is worth the money look at other brands first. Cadillacs are
improved and value for the money…Lexus is the top tier luxury but being
toyota brakes stop working on some vehicles and cause accidents….bmw is
better made and about the same price….oh and benz is okay with the c
class and tough to beat with e and s class.

dunti21 says:

Uh, the only thing that looks the same is the Audi badge and similar
colours. A5 doesn’t have a pop up screen, it’s embedded in a housing that’s
facing the driver. This doesn’t have anything like that. Steering wheel is
different. There’s no wave of wood trim on the A5 like the A6/A/. You’re
just a blind idiot out there to troll

thomas backer says:

wow agian they take away ur comment and i can understand why. and wow u try
desperatly hard to find a word i spelt wrong to make a diss. congratulasion
u found one.

thomas backer says:

and one more thing asshole:i think i am bigger and stronger than u so shut
the FUCK UP or i will fucking beat u up like u where plastic cup.

Alex says:

I’m not a CEO. So I guess this car is not for me according this pig.

thomas backer says:

no i was on something called vication. heard of that kid?? tell me what r u
exactly? a mentaly fucking loner with no brain or an phsycopat with no
friends and a house foul of crap and thinks like that??? me faggot?? last i
checked i was an normal boy compared to an 100% retard kid like u!! here is
a tips boy: dont keep comment anymore. u just screw urself even more than u

vinhhsanityy says:


Everett Kim says:

It’s not a coupe -.- hatchback although this guys is an okay car review he
often gets some facts wrong suck as stats and names and features in some
videos :p

thomas backer says:

at least he gets likes for his comments (witch is 100% right) instead of u
cause ur a loser.

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