2012 Audi A7 Test Drive & Review

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The brand new 2012 Audi A7 is in! We take a look at the beautiful new 4-door hatchback from Audi to see how it feels in person.


alpha jpark007 says:

I got this car for my thirty-secondth birthday last year. I tell you, this
car is impeccable and versatile. Very efficient too for a large, non-hybrid

flyculture21 says:

It’s funny how he never reviews or even mentions Mercedes Benz even though
they are the best and dominant brand in the segment. It’s because of his
relationship or arrangement with BMW of Alexandria. Benz is superior Steve
don’t exclude a front running champion.

Property Of September says:

Lucky number 7 :)

Pengiufiu says:

This car is awesome. I really hope i’m able to get this car when I turn 16.
I have around a $50,000 limit so i’m looking into a used 2012.

Greekcountryboy says:

Well done dude. Very interesting presentation. Smart and informative. I
just have one question. What do I’ve to do, to get it, or better yet, get
the 100K it costs?

Daban Yaseen says:

Please do E Class 2014 and definitely S Class 2014

Zolipsist says:

The dipping back fin is what makes the car for me. Beautiful. 

Washington Cavalcante says:

first minute of this video i feel like im watching porn :D :D :D

KHD says:

This Guy will make me buy this Car .. I put my trust on him

Mohammad Qanadilo says:

:’( OMG

Wilkie Leeaks says:

if that car was a woman, i’ll bang it all day.

untitled795 says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this video, great cinematography, a funny yet mature
presenter, and some decent info. Good job! Btw, you got yourself a new

Jason Xiong says:

love audi

aquateen77723 says:

This car is STUNNING! Great work on the stylish and entertaining video,

Sync2013 says:

their engines are lacking

Zhuoran Liu says:

Your videos are the best !
Dont stop making them .

Thiti Noydee says:

Audi A7

i7rs says:

Why does America doesn’t get Audi A5 sportsback?!

Осенний Сергей says:

its not xenon. its LED

Емил Емилов says:

I love this guy xDD!

srk7555 says:

I’m glad you found us out here in the middle of the YouTube universe of car
reviews!!! We really love what we do and are always happy to hear from
viewers who appreciate our work. I hope you check out our other videos as
well. You have 100+ to choose from and more on the way to help keep your
automotive passion in gear..:) Steve


Sir , you need to grow up.

srk7555 says:

I don’t blame ya! In fact… if I actually do get fired I’m going to
unsubscribe too! Thanks for watching our videos..:) Steve

abdulrahmanalyousef says:

Thank god ive bought it , I wad thinking about the bmw 550i

TG SportsEdits says:

My moms car

Wong Kuo Hoe says:

the best audi video i ever seen.

Fahim Khair says:

This should be on pornhub

Georgia B says:

the first minute of this video got me as wet as the car, lol

Baha T says:

Man it does look like the Alien from the Alien sequels especially the front
end, I havn’t noticed that untill now!

Keith Wi says:

why does the engine sound so horrible?

Denzel Dallas says:

absolutely love this car

Lovelyme says:

What a dream

Nicolas Rech says:

I do that when I see naked girls! hahahaha Just joking mate, i got you

Bongani Mazibuko says:

but the 6series though

WhoIsNickL says:

Okay this guy makes the reviews 100x better than anyone else. Like wow.

Pro100TrueMAN says:

you talk about audi with such love) I like it)

Platformus says:

please tell me the name of the song

SuperMamamie says:

nice car

Juan Pablo says:

It’s really fancy, just like Rosenthal

Alex Wu says:

Which colour version was this? Audi’s Havanna Black Metallic or Phantom
Black Pearl?

senorgato70 says:

these videos are like car porn

Crișan Cristian says:

Where can I buy the music from the beginning of this vid?

howerover says:

the only thing that doesnt suit this car: front wheel drive


This guy is like the Michael Jordan of car reviews lmaooo

Abona Athokpam says:

love you audi…ma all time favourite…

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