2012 Audi A7 vs Jaguar XFR mashup review

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Matt Phillips says:

Jaguar and Audi are 2 of the best luxury brands there are, I like the A7′s
interior better but the jaguar is much faster in this video because Audi
didn’t want the A7 to be too fast, they have an S7 and now an RS7. A more
fair comparison in this case would be just an XF vs the A7. I love Jaguar,
they are rare, high class, fast, and different. I also love Audi for their
LEDs, interior, Quattro, and greatly smooth rides. 

muzictherpy says:

Jaguar and Audi??? c’mooon haha.. only the name itself. Jaguar, it;s super
exclusive, upper class ;)

minimin0425 says:

i don’t think Lindsay Lohan would like this review. lol

Thecarfreak100 says:

why didn’t they do a fair comparison, they should compare the Jaguar XFR
with the RS7..

P Soko says:

A goat on ice!? Like the mountain goats on ice covered mountains? LOL.
Audi handling is better hands down- Quattro does it for Audi. Styling? I
personally like the A7, but to each their own. I don’t like the Jag
styling because it’s reminiscent of an ‘old peoples’ car. Audi, on the
other hand screams sophistication and high end call styling. For me
styling is +1 for Audi; mechanical aspects also get a +1 for Audi. Isn’t
Jag made in India now? I’d hate to have to call them for support. heh.

Castre Doss says:


Bbrothers5 says:

But if you have the money to pay an A7, you already know you are special
because there aren’t many people who can afford a car like that :p

alain fortin says:

jag forever

rob cobrea says:

So…you need a Jag to attract pussy….

DevangYPR says:

666 videos! :O

branot89 says:

They look good but they dont stand out as much as Jaguars. The front of old
XF was stupid with those buble on headlights, but new redisgned versios
looks stuningly beautiful. And can’t cay that that is not true

Martin Kaufmann says:

its a boring design, made for accoutant…

Alex says:

The Jag is of course the faster car, but come on, the A7 makes the Jag look
like a cheap car. The A7 is a stunning car. A7 all the way.

Antti Vahtera says:

The S7 is 2013 model, the XFR is 2011. Back when they did this “test”, the
S7 wasn’t available. I don’t know what the “competition” is up to now, but
if they did this video now (or just a tad later), there’s the new RS7
coming… :)

Alex Wu says:

It should be S7 vs XF-R. Otherwise you guys should’ve used the normal XF
against the A7

Ismael Aktulun says:

hi, just some friendly criticism here..i visited your website and thought
it was very professional, user friendly, and nice looking in terms of
design(i know a lot about these things because my father owns an
advertising agency). How ever i do think when it comes to your youtube
videos, they could use some more work when it comes to editing and camera
work. I think with those tweaks it will up the quality of your channel
greatly. this is just my opinion.

hayden rose says:

remember this is the old jag not the new

Alex Moore says:

GREAT REVIEW GUYS!!!! keep up your good work!

Govind Walia says:

A7 all the way. I saw one at the dealership and it was so sexy. It is a 4
door version of R8. Jaguar is british and simply lacks modern design. It
has a big motor but if want a big motor just go for a big amg. Big amg
engine(s65) will make jag look like a little girl.

gert83 says:

Good review. I’d take the Jag for its design – I’m a Brit and a certain
type of person drives Audis here – namely angry, bald sales directors. So
firstly you see lots of Audi company cars, secondly when you do see them,
it’s usually in your rear view mirror at a distance of about 2 feet. The
association makes it difficult to become enamoured with their design. The
Jag has hooligan potential, but is generally driven by much less parvenus
class of cad.

SunDra2010 says:

@mmarcd12 I love Jaguar more.

alfamonk says:

Audi A7 is like a supermodel..beautiful but she never smiles. Cold. Jag and
Maserati Quattroporte are more approachable…they give you more love.

THX1138 V says:

I have around 15k on it now. It is my daily driver and I have had no
issues. Another great feature is the new Warranty which covers everything
including wear and tear, maint, and oil changes for up to 50k miles. When
Tata Motors took over, they did a complete overhaul and all seems well.
Ford really jacked up Jag when it came to looks and reliability. When it
comes to price point, features, luxury, and power, there is nothing out
there that can touch it.

jorgenieto702 says:

The inside is ugly

Kevin Li says:

well yes I think A7 is perfect, but my girl friend doesnt like it lmfao
..Maybe different people have a different perspective, we can not judge
others our own opionin on looks

TheEryk03 says:

A7/S7 is beautiful. Amazing quality, beautiful exterior, luxury interior.
Perfect car.

The Fast Lane Car says:

But that’s why the video is called a mashup review.

Buchhalter007 says:

I really dont like the back of the a7 too its looks horrible i think, but i
dont like the backs of all audis…

Kyle McMillan says:

roman.. Nathan. Do me some fanservice, XFR-S vs the RS7. PLEASE.

Antti Vahtera says:

And the Audi keeps you alive :P Plus, I already got the girl, so. (Also, we
have winter. So. quattro.)

needforspeedfreak3 says:

Jaguar all day. I do like some of the other Audi’s, but since I have a
Jag…I’m in it all the way!

Mohammed al-hagbani says:

if he used XFR the audi dude should’ve used the S7 so it can be fair !!

heemoii . says:

@theodor33e jag xf starts at 53k

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