2012 Audi Q3. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

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2012 Audi Q3. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour. Link on facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001421333279 Another link to contact with me ht…


Chuck Norris says:

I would like to get this compact SUV 

Los Angels says:


TheNOGarcia says:

MegaRetr your videos are getting better and better! thumbs up. i dont care
if you copied saabkyle04, as long as the viewers have more videos to watch,
then who cares, right?

Peter M Zalewski says:

This style of review looks very close to +SaabKyle04 – which came first the
chicken or the egg?

Samath Lokuge says:

Anyone complaining about him copying saabkyle can STFU! Kyle didn’t review
the Q3 and that is why I came here. PERIOD

Mar2014 says:


112kassu says:

nice vid and really nice/comfort car!

wolfdale00 says:

You don’t need to put your foot on the brake to start the car with AUTO
trans. Foot on the brake is only if you want to shift out of park.

domdot com says:

why does everything you say sound like a question

denmark39 says:

you move the camara too quickly. The rest is fine

Syed yasser says:

The guy can never beat SaabKyle ….

Victor Lim says:

Nice review. I think u should create a fan page on Facebook so that people
who subscribed your channel can like it and get updates from you.

TheCarArchives says:

the transmission on the 2011-present Audi Q3 Transmission 6-speed manual
7-speed S Tronic

carcrashes2016 says:

swetty :)

MegaRetr says:

Thanks man I`d appreciate that.

alwiser says:

because he’s Russian. and you’re ignorant.

harithutube says:

2012 Audi Q3 unboxing !

iTechDisc says:

Can you make a Video about the Q5?

omari newton says:

He sounds really out of breath

gravitygun123 says:

test drive?

ThatYouTubeAccount says:

Great walkthrough – so much better than anything else I have seen about the
Q3 so far.

camila guida says:

could some one review the performance things of the audi pleeeease?

RyanAudi39 says:

Wow, as always, VERY NICE job Audi!!! :-0 By The Way, great review!!! :-)
Subscribed!!! :-)

first30011 says:

Видео из России -_-

MegaRetr says:

Already created it you can see on the description.

Madhav Aggarwal says:

Nyc copy of saabkyle04

beenmb says:

Aproximately $40,000. U.S.

1bentley4ever says:

@discocreator76 another day, anothe hater.

Kirill Sholdan says:


findingnismoz says:

Nice review, very informative.

ICUrezerva says:

Fantastic video, finally the useful car review. Keep it with the good
work.. Thanks again.

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