2012 Audi R8 5.2 FSI: The Supercar Done Right – Ignition Episode 23

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On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago drives the 2012 Audi R8 5.2 FSI because… well, why not? Audi’s 525 horsepower V-10-powered all-wheel drive coupe d…


TheArfdog says:

“You feel like … Tony Stark… eh ehh ehhh hehhh erp derp my name is

wolfseek says:

I have this car I don’t like it 

Khalil Missaoui says:

yes it is a supercar

Mr.Skin says:

im siked cus I get to go home on Monday and see our 12 r8 we just got.

eatmywaffles says:

Wait… This guy needs to really should’ve listened to this before he said
it: At 3:20 He says “This costs the same as the Porsche 911 Turbo S, and
most people see the 911 as a sports car, but this is a supercar.” Now, I
know the 911 is a sports car. But I meen the Carrera, Carrera S, and GT3.
But both the Turbo and Turbo S are SUPERCARS, NOT SPORTSCARS.

suloja61 says:


Audi Cary says:

+1 this post if you think the Audi R8 is the most complete supercar on the
road today!

Motor Trend Magazine says:

On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago drives the 2012 Audi R8 5.2 FSI
because… well, why not? Audi’s 525 horsepower V-10-powered all-wheel
drive coupe delivers the impressive performance numbers, stunning design
and sheer driving pleasure that might make it the most complete super car
on the road today. 

dominic lapiar says:


Keyes Audi says:

Motor Trend Magazine’s “Ignition” Series does an excellent review of why
the Audi R8 5.2 is one of the best supercars on the road today.

Automotive.com says:

*Fast Car Video Roundup: Because You Don’t Want To Stare At A Toyota Camry*

We also sent Carlos Lago, maker of topical Avengers references, into the
wilderness for Motor Trend’s Ignition, equipped with an Audi R8 and its
5.2-liter V-10 engine. “The most complete supercar on the road,” he
says—meaning one that won’t set you on fire, or veer off Mulholland into
some record producer’s infinity pool, but will still grant you a valet
parking at your local Ed Hardy store because they valet people with Club
Cards there, right? No, wait—the R8 deserves a far better fate than that.
Here’s why.

YouTube Link #1: 2012 Audi R8 5.2 FSI: The Supercar Done Right – Ignition
Episode 23

YouTube Link #2: 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 vs 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Read more at Automotive.com:

Richardson Villa says:

#audi #r8 #audir8 #car #supercar #speed 

TheArfdog says:

God this guy is dry. R8 is nice, but a bit stocky in proportion. In short,
it looks like a girl’s car.

Oswaldo Rispoli says:
doublebasscrazy17 says:

its lamborgini guhlardo not guylardoh -_-

At8000RPM . says:

V10 with V8 rims 0.o

MAX Percentage says:

Yeah its a super car but why would you want sth like this in a country
where you can go 80 mph max? You will never have the chance to make this
car justice, you simply cannot

Ernesto Ortega R says:

to me its looks are kinda blehh

AVerySourApple says:

Porsches and Audis are made by the same company, so their reliability
should be the same. Also Chevy ranks ahead of Porsche on the JD power and
assosciates list. Out of curiosity, if you could pick three cars, one as
your daily driver, the other as your weekend/track/ sports car, and a third
car just for the hell of it, what would you pick? I

cruyeda says:

I’ve had 2 Audi’s. So far, both were outstanding cars for handling and
comfort. However, electrical glitches plagued both cars. One was an 5000S
and the other was an Avante. Because of this, I’d lease an Audi but never
buy one. I did own the 5000S and put 175K on it, but due to the electrical,
it was costing more than the car was worth.

AVerySourApple says:

I don’t like the SL from the side, but I like the front and the rear is ok.
I also like Chris Harris’s reviews. I think he goes more in depth than most
reviewers. For some reason I get the sense that he has absolutely bizarre
political views. IDK why lol

bcsngan says:

I read JD power put Lexus and Porsche at the top for reliability. (google
reliability cars problems per 100) Audi and Porsche is not made by the same
company. They are owned by the same company but all Porsche are made by the
Porsche guys in Stuttgart as they have been since 1960′s while some Audis
are made in mexico. Their reliability is vastly difference.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

How so? The transmission is very important in a car, and in vehicles like
the R8, a stick doesn’t do the rest of the car justice.

Jordan Liske says:

for 15k you can build/buy a 9sec 1/4mi Mitsubishi eclipse 99 gsx. beat that

bcsngan says:

Also, I would be wary of small company’s car reviews. I think they would be
more inclined to focus on all the positive things or else they risk not
getting another car to review. I stick to “Drive, MotorTrend, C&D, fifth
gear” and the like because they are large enough to not care if one
dealership tells them that they’re not lending them a car anymore cuz they
said bad things about it.

M3Conv says:

yep, they could do that by fitting turbos and rock hard suspension, but why
run the amazing sound, throttle response, high revving V10′s character and
sublime ride quality just to get a ‘pointless’ faster 0-60 or even lap

RePlayBoy101 says:

i dont agree on the Audi part…opel,fiat,citroen are more used brands cuz
audi is just expensive

Andreas Gretschmann says:

quattro GmbH is a wholly owned private subsidiary of the German automobile
manufacturer Audi AG, part of the Volkswagen Group. From Wikipedia.

AVerySourApple says:

That’s strange. Whenever I’ve been to an MB dealership (twice) they have
treated my father and I with the utmost respect. I’ve even seen a video
that claims that MB has the best dealer network in the country. This is the
video I am referring to:youtube…. /watch?v=0E2kBQFjU_4

refuse54321 says:

You’d better do some more research before you talk like you know a lot

Mikule Walters says:

It was either this r8 or a Ferrari I chose the r8 I bought mine for about
90,000 it was the 2009 version though best design I’ve ever made

Roy Batty says:

Fuck I’m sick of this reviewer. I feel like I’m watching a oral
presentation in social studies class. This shit is drier than eating

kraenk12 says:

they just presented it

vinhhsanityy says:

The R8 is BEST with the manual

jimmyhoffa9 says:

Sports cars are cars which have nice handling, firm suspension and good
power. Super cars are manically powerful, large, sleek and refined. eg a
GT500 is not a super car.

yamatyaso says:


Mikule Walters says:


Brian Ngan says:

Furthermore, my statement that you replied to was to state that Porsche and
Audi, despite having the same parent company has vastly different building
process and reliability.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

Well for one, no car is perfect, and shifting a hard tranny does get
tiring, hence why slick shift boxes are popular upgrades in Mustangs etc.

TheDuke245 says:

Can’t believe that thing can’t go 200mph

BorisHooiBoef says:

Sure, I’m whatever you want me to be. If thats what you’re into…

marshknute says:

Those “many other examples” you failed to mention require some epic levels
of imagination to be considered road cars. They are only included on the
list of NR times because of Europe’s laughable crash regulation leniency
and are rightfully illegal for road use in the States. Anyone can strap a
huge engine to some scaffolding and set a fast NR time. It’s truly
impressive when the ZR1 costs as much as a Carrera 4S, yet outpaces
Porsche’s flagship road car.

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