2012 Audi R8 GT 5.2 FSI Quattro Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

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Hello and welcome to Saabkyle04! YouTube’s largest collection of automotive variety! In today’s video, we’ll take an up close and personal, in depth look at …


MIKEYonPCin1440p says:

Your videos are awesome, but really the first 5 minutes are all that is

Harley Carr says:

Look I love your videos but please put some humour in there

Alexis Aaron says:

One of the sexiest sport cars would love to own one!

Joshua Benton says:

Audi R8 V10 Plus Quattro Gt weeew

647killa says:

This is sad. Scroll down and read the comments and majority of the comments
are by kids under 12. Anyhow, love the R8 but I would get the 4.2 V8 for an
everyday supercar. 6 speed gated manual ofcourse. Move up to the V10 and I
would just put the money towards a rear wheel Gallardo 6MT. Awesome review
as always Kyle. 

FaZe Banshee says:

I love audi r8

Hani Ismail says:

thats my car =D not GT tho :(

hector rivera says:

Whats that liquid that comes out of the exhaust when he revs it.

DJKiDDKlashez says:

Pull up in that YOU CANT AFFORD THIS

TheCrazyofcomputer says:

u buy this car, install prior design GT850 body Kit then u sir own a
gentlemen car

Devin Leason says:

its so RARe by the time i grow up they gone be all gone nooooooooo‼️

Besam Ismail Moses says:

Beautiful SOUND 

FattiHasSkillz says:

My dad just bought one a week ago!, he loves it.

Mike Hunt says:

I would become a hitman to get this car literally my dream car 

NOLAItsNotOva says:

My dream car :D Don’t necessarily need the GT sent thouhh

Konnor Millsap says:

Excellent review! Thank you!

Her Box says:

the car is fast, but I don’t really like its exhaust note

Alan Timberlake says:

that sound ………!

godz illa says:

the friggin car is squirting

Jarryd Scully says:

the only bad thing about the engine being in the back is that it puts all
the weight in the back. this makes handling a little more difficult. but i
love this car. its awesome

Apophis0322 says:

There’s a robotic noise coming from the engine.

sadeyedangel says:

It’s a Cabrio 9f, LOL. I drive it around Los Santos while I kill people.

txnhb says:

Why are you speaking like a news anchor?

MasterChief0000117 says:

I prefer a lambo, Ferrari, shit ill even take a g37 sport coupe over this

noe garcia says:

For all you people that dont know what the exhaust is spitting its freakin
gasoline the tanks are on the bottom of the exhaust

greenmarine5 says:

My dream car, until the kids graduate I’ll have to stick with two wheels
for my frills. As soon as the last one is done with college….wooohwee the
wifey and I are gonna cruze

TazzyOpz says:

What I wouldn’t do for this car…. Man… Well back to studying… Maybe
I’ll become successful and I’ll be able to afford one lmfao!

Brandon Hill says:

A woman won one of these on the price is right :D

Rose Janeska says:

I want this car so bad. Dream car.

MeBeYours says:

199 mph im sure the engineers were kicking themselves in the ass

anakin kwok says:

great video! However, the R8′s interior is so bleak and boring. The reason
you would want to own a supercar is to feel that sense of occasion when you
drive it, and that means it has to shine in and out. It doesn’t have to be
shouty or overly aggressive, but for me, audi is merely a luxury car
company that should stick with what it does best – and that is making
luxury sedans. leave the supercars for true pioneers. In my opinion, Aston
Martin epitomizes the quiet, unassuming, yet seducing super car 

Viktir666 says:

I have always liked this car for some reason. Germans are great at tuning
cars, that’s why Italy asks the Germans to tune their Lamborghini Gallardo
for them. True story.

XxShoot2KillxX says:

Whats the liquid that its spitting out 

JSTillman1 says:

i saw one of those today around Fells Point, MD

londtok says:

Don’t like the interiors 

Frida Leon says:

you need to press the foot brake to carry neutral or reverse?…sorry! my
english is not good…

sherwin delima says:

the interior is not that bad!

willis ly says:

Sweet a s s car… like for real ! 

Hunt M says:

I was coming out of Starbucks one day and literally saw a Audi R8 GT
outside same color as the one in the video.

RollsRoyce122 says:

Hey favorite car

Mario51ize says:

Is the Audi R8 hard to maintain? 

Racketman24 says:

Such a nice car!

Mahiul Haque says:

Please do a review of 2013 Toyota Avalon (limited hybrid preferred)

OGZxSILV3R says:

Im sorry did the price say $218,900 :O

Kouecky says:

GTA : Vice City

elcuernito1 says:

I might not be the fastest but its beauty

Kwatario Patterson says:


Emanuele Ruta says:


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