2012 Audi S4 Test Drive & Sports Car Review

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http://www.autobytel.com/audi/s4/2012/?id=32972 The 2012 Audi S4 may be the best car you can buy for under $50000. It is arguably the perfect balance of per…


ryan robson says:

if it had like 20-30 mpg it would literally be perfect but averaging 18
wouldnt be fun

venturacougar1 says:

@mike mancino hes making a reference to how if you know anything about
the 328i they can cost up to 55k fully loaded. that’s s4 pricing you
jagoff. and if your looking for the best bang for you buck its obvious that
the s4 with its supercharged v6 is much better, better interior and very
luxurious jagoff. and no the 335i is not in the same class its a class
below it jagoff. to put it in simple terms so a jagoff like you can
understand you have the 335i and then the jump to a M3 the s4 would fall in
between them although with its 0-60 in 4.4 sec (ideal conditions) it has
the balls to keep up with the m3 maybe not beat it but it wont completely

Eric Peyton says:

getting this soon

fatherdeath says:

the S is not for the v6 its for the sport used to be a v8

MIke Mancino says:

the guy says it will smoke a 328i….. NEVER have a thought there were in
the same class. because they are not. a 335i is a better fight, jagoff

jay vang says:

Why the fuck I wanna look at my radio station in my gauges

robvul says:

why do we pay $144,000 here in Australia :(

Dyflinn says:

But you’re comparing apples with oranges. The Audi S4 is clearled for
everyday and family-hauling use, whereas the Evo is in a totally different
category, it is a road-legal racing car (louder, less comfortable, more
basic, etc.)

Dyflinn says:

That’s mad. That’s punitive. That’s robbery!

Hamza Ajmal says:

So true; I was going 115 and it felt like I was going 80! *Just got my s4;)

Jason Z says:

Agreed. Although I think you have to exclude Honda NSX, Toyota LFA, and
Nissan GTR.

FortuneSeek3rz says:

The blacked out grill on the yellow car is hot.

poooooow says:

Thx for the review – audi is great, but I love bmw and prob. have to stick
on the bmw brand :)

chrispin0290 says:

no they don’t . American power is awesome. But European engine power is god
like. please tell me different. no chance the devil to chicken shit in the
s4 4.2 v8. not the new audi S4

T Brown says:

These cars are cool but they need some American power, if you know what I

derek400004 says:

i love how the reviewer talked about the engine is the same one in
something as big as the Q7. i have some reviews of this car elsewhere, but
none of them have mentioned anything like this that adds so much value to
the car. :) keep up the good work man!!

kelleredison says:

My God, your taking your hands OFF THE WHEEL at 100 mph, DUDE! And it’s not
even your car? It’s O.K. to talk with your hands when your sitting at home
or out with friends for dinner, but not, I repeat, NOT when your driving!
Do you even realize that you are doing this when your filming? You better
pay attention to what you are doing my man, or some time in the future you
are going to get a BIG surprise and so will your camera man, just
say’in…keep up the good work and the great reviews!

Dyflinn says:

A good review. Alcantara seating at that category and price? It should be
all leather. The exhaust is quiet for the probable reason of it also being
marketed as a regular run-about family car, but also crucially being a
“sleeper” that roars out of the cage when needed.

abhylash83 says:

true but i don’t wanna look like a tool in an evo !!!

ExoticCarFan7 says:

Nice S4 but those rims are horrible.

blah says:

Wow 50K? They cost $120K in Australia. Just looking and admiring for me lol.

Kev199117 says:

Love this car

buildmorefarms100 says:

Ive owned Audi, Bmw and most other makes…the Audi S4 is nice but the
trouble is, an EVO will trash the S4 in any setting, except interior
quality. Even reliability the Audi`s are not good long term whereas the
EVOs are very reliable and for alot less $ and much more hardcore racing.

MIke Mancino says:

i wont consider a s4 in a m5 class or c63. idk even think its really in a
m3 class either. to be honest. its like better than a 335i, but not a m3 if
you ask me.

ThePrincipal94 says:

Great review :D love your review !

buildmorefarms100 says:

Audi is slower, less reliable, depreciates faster, costs more…but oh man
it has a nice interior!!! LOL!!!!!!

chendongchen says:

lol at loaded 328 costing 50k. Reviewer is not very knowledgeable.

Kniitte says:

Some of you guys won’t be able to afford this car. A majority of you will
not race with this car so stop talking about it lack of power. Videos
reviews were ( and probably is ) meant for potential buyers, or people who
just enjoy seeing a lovely car, so shut up people who keeps complaining.

ctrent859 says:

Audi is the best

Jacob Robach says:

In Australia this car cost a lovely $150’000

nazosnowboarder says:

Hate this engine. Would rather but the money into a biturbo b5 S4

fesen says:

They are pretty close even if the M3 is faster, S4 got the same 0-60 as the
M3 cab and it’s supercharged so there are some companys that offer 100hp
more for 3500-4000$ in this car, 435hp and from 440 to 515 torque.

Rafael Dimayuga says:

Nerd rage, I like it. What’s even funnier is YOU are telling me to calm
down. Lighten up and let your panties down, bro.

Toyota4Life says:

49 g ? I would rather get the older and more special RS4

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