2012 Audi S5 Coupe Test Drive & Car Video Review

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http://www.autobytel.com/new-cars/audi/s5/?id=32972 The 2012 Audi S5 is one of the most impressive coupes on the road today and is one of the best looking lu…


Gilbert Mendez says:

the a5 has a 2nd row seat

chris cannon says:

This car was designed buy an Italian car maker, not the typical Audi / VW
/Bentley/ Lambo line up. this guy should know this.. 

Drumer4990 says:

it produces 325 lbs. ft. not 349

mayi360 says:

isn’t the RS5 only available in Europe?

nphillyk says:

You are correct sir!

xcelpast says:

An affordable “$50 000.” I’m not sure what world you live in.

Narrowc ross says:

S5 now only comes with a V6 all be it supercharged

Jay Alia says:

He says this is the only 2 door coupe Audi sells that has a
backseat…Ignoring all the other 5′s and TT’s, right? :P As Marlicious
already pointed out, he’s confused as to the competition for this model,

Winter99ize says:

My mistake. I watched a review from Evo Magazine in the UK which has the
supercharged version.

Bob Marley says:

Supercharged V6 > V8. In high elevations like me in Colorado, you lose at
15% of your power in a normally aspirated engine. You can’t chip it to get
more horsepower. Intake and exhaust only give small gains. Engine mods are
REALLY expensive. Audi’s discontinued it because it compares poorly with
modern Lexus/BMW V8′s. It gets horrible gas mileage vs v6. Its heavier, and
ultimately slower in the real world. Glad Audi ditched their old V8.

Andrew Louis says:

but ur comparing two v6′s against a naturally aspirated v8 :/

Malicious SRT says:

The S5 doesn’t go against the M3 and C6, it goes against the C350 and 335i.
The RS5 goes against the first 2.

tc88888888 says:

well… it’s more between 335i and M3. it’s a weird sub segment that audi
has done.

ThePiggyGod says:

no shit

Collin Joiner says:

Audi overprices practically all of their cars… And it resembles nothing
of a Bentley.

whatever04811 says:

Good reveiw but there should be more critique. Now it looks like a
salesman’s promotion

Yuling Li says:

this guy says every car he reviewed is very good….

jfactor05 says:

The sound of the engine at the end is just ferocious

ThirdLife86 says:

I think its more a class of its own above a say 335 but below a M3 that BMW
now tries to compete in with its M Performance Models like the M550d. :)
Although the new S5 with the supercharged V6 can be very close to an M3.
With a good tune it will do 400-450 HP easily and even above 450 with
additional mods like pulley, exhaust etc.

Mrsolowing0582 says:

Yeah, not “beautiful” but maybe looks not bad.

Thomas Rosquin says:

I am wear that same exact shirt as I am watching this video. Weird…except
I don’t fill it out as well!

Autobytel says:

Actually only the Cabriolet has the 6-cylinder. The coupe seen here has the
4.2 liter V-8

Winter99ize says:

Thank you for noticing that. The new S5 has the supercharged six cylinder.
They have done away with the V8.

timtime88 says:

I have never understood anyone who says Audi is “beautiful”.

herb00 says:

the 2013 model look like crap. i hate the new head lights.

TEDBOSS100 says:


odessyrcr589 says:


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