2012 Audi S5 V8 6-spd Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2012 Audi S5. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing det…


halomiksa says:

This is definetly not the 2012 model lol. From 2012 they started making the
models with the facelift so it has different looks, much similar to the
2013 model. This is either a 2011 or older model. Might even be a 2008,
can‘t really tell. You should fix that :-)

Awsomness950 says:

Does the car have aux input?

Algarin01 says:

what a beauty

WhiteSlift says:

BMW E92 is so much more sexy and elegant.

Vettejocke says:

+Saabkyle04 Can you review a 2014 Audi A5 four cylinder? That’d be awesome

chelipechile says:

Bloody Gourgeous!! 

Alp Esen says:

Still waiting for the RS5

Danny Yousif says:

the 2013 looks so much better :)

Sherlock H says:

Back when his videos used to be good.

tavarniarhs says:

its just awesome

ryanmail2004 says:

do a review of the 2013 s5!!!

vinhhsanityy says:

A5 has a turbo four…

Francisco Serres says:

You got an e-mail at 03:03 haha

homejj8048 says:

me to i like intro !!


don’t be stupid

Munchingontacos says:

only if they made the RS5 in Manual transmission :(

Alex Phillips says:

anyone notice german cars almost exclusively put the reverse by 1st and 2nd
gear. Japanese have them by 5th and 6th?

Kryrone says:

Must study harder, must study harder..

BigDette says:

….Did I really just read this??? Some people amuse me.. Your really ganna
sit there and tell me a buick regal has a better interior then an AUDI S5?

TWearone says:

Shitty interior ? you must have shit in your eyes.

Nicholas Coleman says:


TheClubshaker says:

They aren’t the best, they are just good for being what they are. Italian
cars have more character and Japanese cars are more reliable

Gustavo Moctezuma says:

Do the A5

NyaDxb says:

Yes I wanna see a tour of the RS5 as well!!!

Detc0re says:

This has more functions than my house

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