2012 Audi TT RS Review – Rough around the edges and demands to be treated that way

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Go for a performance driving lesson and any instructor will tell you, driving fast on a race track requires skill, precision and a light touch. That is, unless you happen to be driving the…


FreestylerAlbert says:


Gajeel Redfox says:


BrantFortunate says:


twillis123 says:

Please make more audi videos

denludo1990 says:

Do you guys get the audi TTRS plus @ north america?

Jeremy Wijaya says:

cool car? i’d say about meh

؛ُِ}ُ ؛ُِ}ُ ؛ُِ}ُإإإ says:

what if they make the interior like audi RS5 what!!! it will be hilarious

bnumber8 says:

I hate how nobody seems to know this

accordv6er says:

yeahp… what he said. haldex awd, not audi quattro which is a symetrical
setup I believe. either way. tts are haldex setups, so theyre fwd with
power at the back. sadly…

Braden Rikli says:

Audi TT RS, my favorite car that is made in the world.

OMDF01 says:

Gorgeous Deutsch wagen!

Toledo Tourbillion says:

GReat car review guys.

Lucas Neto says:

Where is the BMW 1M video review?

lamdo23tech says:

Stop talking about DSG! NO ONE WANTS DSG! Stop being lazy and let DRIVE FOR

jonas940 says:

Sure ya would, and you’d need about 20k+ more to do it. TTRS is an amazing
machine for the price.

Phungurific says:

I’m not sure which i like better, this or Z4.

tomtom5418 says:

That 5 cylinder sounds really cool

Chris Toney says:

5 cylinders… Really?

BMWBurnoutM3 says:

I think the TT RS is a great car but I’d rather Audi bring the RS5.

DMaster Mensionz says:

@luimarco thumbs up

SaganNotPagan says:

You’re reviewing a road car, take the helmet off.

superchan7 says:

Some of the best camera work in a North American car review. Of course, the
TT RS is a very exciting car as well.

luimarco says:

@BigCivic well debatable ;) cause if you were a real enthusiast you’ll go
for the 1M , but even if you’re an audi dude, you need to note that the DSG
does the 1/4 Mile in 12 sec Flat. 0.7 faster than the Manual ;)

jvrdlc says:

@Graavyy never..

luimarco says:

You forgot to mention that we’re not getting the DSG tranny though ;)

Rocky Balboa says:

this actually has a haldex awd system but yeah

ivedrivenAudi says:

how is he saying Audi??!! “eudy” … watch the audi s5 video reviewed by
him… oh my word… haha..

Ramon51650 says:

I have a TTRS in Suzuka Pearl Grey, and after almost 8000 miles, I love it.

MegaJCMartin94 says:

I think I need this engine for my Audi Quattro A2 LWB.

Bruce Grimes says:

Why no deg. Transmission for such an expensive car guess because it would
make it shift faster and more weight

David Tran says:

Topgear Canada? :)

BigCivic says:

@luimarco And that’s a good thing. It means whenever you see a TT-RS on the
street, it’s a genuine enthusiast behind the wheel.

Red Cyclone's Fury says:

@jsiszero Yes! The M3 has 60 more hp. I don’t even like M3s but i would
much rather buy one than the audi tt

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