2012 Audi TT RS: The Bargain R8? – Ignition Episode 4

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On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago carves up the canyons in the turbocharged 2012 Audi TT RS. Find out happens when you zap an Audi R8 with a shrink ra…


BlueBoy110311 says:

2012 Audi TT RS: The Bargain R8? – Ignition Episode 4 – #audi #auditt 

konic40 says:

sport electronic diff?

DrJ2042 says:

Kind of wish the mid engines baby r8 rumors were true. But I like this car
a lot

Adam Mills says:

Can we see an audi 3.2 v6 please very much want to see that

Eric M says:

Haha…push city

Khalil Missaoui says:

the price is not expensive as it looks

paul chorniy says:

Would be interesting to see c63 perhaps or maybe something cheap yet
interesting like the ford rs focus matter as fact its also a 5cyl engine as
this tt rs, right? Ford seems to be making good progress with their latest
generations of cars. Your opinion is apriciated

mustang70juan says:

What’s the price for this Audi ?

Alex Cagle says:

5:02 – 5:03 RS Gauges? RS BADGES!!!!

Martin Allen says:

Have Group B goosebumps!

civoreb says:

This TT shoots out from a dig faster than McNabb.

Josh Sisco says:

It’s not meant to be a mini van or family sedan, all weather? Pshhhh

Frantzdy romain says:

This is pretty nice.

Rami S. says:

2015 wrx!!

anthonyg255 says:

next episode of ignition I want to see a bmw 528i w/ the turbo 4cy. vs its
mercedes-benz competition

Fahd Hatem says:

this is 2012 car but i think it is my favourite till now

blanchbacker says:

Sounds kind of like a V10… Half of one, at least.

Andre' LaBeach says:


Joshua Mathew says:

Love the car! 

cameron hart says:

I wanna see the new nimso gtr. 

Leicel John Belmes says:

I want to see the all the Lancer Evolution in the next episode of Ignition

Kai Baumgartner says:

Head bobbin’ under braking 2:21

Jesus Flores says:

It would be cool to see this car directly compared to the R8 see how it
actually compares

NEOBAE77 says:


CommanderOtto says:

Carlos… man, I really like to watch your videos. I can feel you really
know what you are talking about. Good job!

besteli1 says:

For there being less than 1,000 shipped to the US I’ve already seen 3 here
in San Antonio just being driven around and I think its amaaaaaazing in

Josh Sisco says:

All weather… Sports car… Am I the only one that thinks that if you love
in a state with a lot of bad weather and want a sports car, just move!!! My
god man, a sports car is a sports car – it doesn’t need to cater to the
dunces that want a fast car in all weather conditions and all road
conditions and all air temperatures and all elevations lol you get what I’m
saying… A sports car is meant to be a track monster, something that is
elegant and looks fast, something that screams respect…

panhandle40 says:

A vw golf “rs” would be the finest hatch ever made

Pedro Pires says:

2012 Audi TT RS: The Bargain R8?

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