2012 BMW 1 Series 125d M Sport Road Test Review by Honest John

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Honest John video tests the new BMW 125d M Sport that has an astonishing combination of economy and performance. More on the BMW 1-Series at http://www.hones…


gaz0044 says:

Good review, great car. 

Tom Griffiths says:

Unbelievably *

Mohsin Kayani says:

Wow…possibly the most boring car review ever?? Covered everything though
I suppose :/

Tom Griffiths says:

This video is unbelievable patronising

0DJmind0 says:


julianlee2 says:

He’s really honest.

Ianmundo says:

the microphone used in the recording of this video is pretty bad,
especially when mounted in the car

Festivejelly says:

I have the same model but in blue and agree with Honest John. I love this
car, its certainly the best car ive ever had. Yeah its a bit more expensive
than the older 1 series but you get what you pay for. Its got the looks,
the power, the room and its crazy low on insurance and tax. I have the
manual just out of habit really. If you’re thinking about getting a series
deffo take a test drive and have a look because you’ll fall in love with it
like i did.

Unknown Psyko says:

hmm you say it looks my better then a audi a3 but in my opinion 1 series
looks a bit generic i drove the 1 series as well, the ride feels smooth but
not as smooth as the a3 the only thing the 1 series is good at is going
around corners i own a a3 and my wife owns a 1 series so im not hating on
it but the feel of my a3 is much better then the 1 series

Festivejelly says:

I tried the audi a3 before getting my 1 series. It was okay, it felt a bit
cheaper than the BMW. And whilst it is a couple of grand cheaper I just
didnt think it was much competition as bmw beat it in all aspects hands
down. Also I dont think the A3 can compete on the looks of the new 1 series.

WillBadRacing says:

Honest John is the Ronseal of car reviewers, I wasn’t a fan of new 1 series
when it was launched but this car looks superb on the vid. Might have to
check it out at my local Dealership!

Festivejelly says:

Thats the colour ive got, it looks well sexy :D


Like a PIMP

Dmitry Tsarevskyi says:

No not big at all only 72kg, now take deep breath and let it go.. Anger is
bad it destroys you from inside..

Brad Fowler says:

Some say the Audi A3 is better ‘but not me’ I prefer this machine.

Ianmundo says:

the new front end in M Sport guise looks much better, my old man has
ordered a new one in Estoril Blue and his current M Sport 1er although
handsome, looks very dated compared to this

justiceCCCC says:

I also like the run-flat tyres, I don’t like changing tyres, and the
interior felt bether in BMW etc etc, I also got 4 years of maintenance
services, and 4 years of warranty.

Ryan Dick says:

This is the most unnatural review i have ever seen!!! Also at the end you
said if you want a rear wheel drive hatch back then this is the one…..The
1 series is the only car in its class to have rear wheel drive!!! So there
is no other hatchback to go for!!! #idiot

zuti071 says:

no HD video for this good review ???

honestjohncouk says:

If you want to know what the team drives on a day-to-day basis visit the
/our-cars section of the Honest John site, link in the description. We’ve
two new additions coming soon – MINI Coupe and BMW 3 Series.

Dmitry Tsarevskyi says:

Monkey knows how to use a computer? You should learn how to use your brain
before your mouth.. if there is any

Oo oO says:

Freddy Krueger gone into car reviews these days?? Good for him.

Dmitry Tsarevskyi says:

so your brain capacity mesures by your cars price tag? I am 27 year old,
my first car was bmw coupe, then new megane, range rover sport
supercharged, evolution 8, classic impreza sti jdm, and 8 motor bikes, and
all that since i passed my test at at almoust 22. So if that gives you some
idea..To make money is easy but to remain decent human is rather
challenging in this day and age!

Wilson Tsang says:

I like how you mention tyres aswell, thats really important to me.

pwalker says:

This is very very very, very cheesy :/

Festivejelly says:

Its just the vid. they have a very satisfying clunk to them. Even the boot
does :)

TheGamerField says:

wow, really nice review!

Michael Kenny says:

Can’t be bothered pressing the clutch and brake for corners? I think you
need to look closely at your driving tecnique, it sounds terrible!

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