2012 BMW 3 Series Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

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For the latest BMW 3 Series pricing, reviews and vehicle information: http://www.kbb.com/bmw/3-series/2012-bmw-3-series/ Kelley Blue Book recently had the op…


Imran Ansari says:

Great review :)

Jude N. says:

Micah how do I get your job?

iwanazaidi says:


Micah Muzio says:

I’m sad to say Leigh Anne has moved on to the exciting world of automotive
PR. We were sad to see her go. At least we can remember the good times.
Search “kbb IPL drift”.

Däne Fjordlùnd says:

Still the ultimate king of the hill… Let’s see if the Mercedes+Infiniti
alliance can pull off a better G sedan (unlikely)

gentle285 says:

awesome review

e46330zhp says:

i love the front end..slightly e46ish in a way ..gorgeous.

gfdsaasdfg1 says:

great cars when they run

BWX says:

I wouldn’t want her to do this review, but where is Leigh Anne lately? You
guys need to put her in a lot more reviews. First she’s good at it, second,
she’s pretty easy on the old peepers.

wonderwin3000 says:

This new BMW 3 series is amazing. I love the new styling, and I really love
the handling.

sssmeee says:

you missed wagon**

aquateen77723 says:

Micah, you are by far my favorite automotive journalists on FaceTube!

Artifacts in Motion Media says:

They really nailed the performance and efficiency, but the F30 is simply
too big and expensive for a 3 series.

PussMag says:

BMW should lead the hp in this class like ever before (not really) 2L
should put at least 270hp 3L @ 320hp are they worrying about the
regulations? i guess emission issue. 20 years ago, Supra 3L turbo put out
320hp and 300ZX does the same, why can’t BMW does it today?

Slacking02 says:

yeah not crazy about the blended grill/headlights…

XxHardcorexxGamerxX says:

I dont like the headlights this time.. The front end looks

licarcar says:

with great power.. i was expecting you to say comes with great

Canakar360 says:

Borrat voice – Very niceee!

Sequialtera says:

that was a fast corkscrew turn

depilator69 says:

Another gr8 review – still cant get over how little views you guys are
getting – RBB rocks!

Grant Goodman says:

I would wait for BMW to bring out the rest of the 3-series line-up before
claiming that the S60 would dominate it in the straights. We are still
missing the AWD models, not to mention the 335is. The RWD 335i is only .1
sec slower than the AWD S60 and BMW claims that its AWD models are “up to
.5 sec faster in acceleration from 0 to 60 mph”. And if I’m not mistaken, I
believe the press release for the 335i xDrive (its due in the fall) claimed
5 sec flat for the 0-60 time. My money is on the BMW.

RD0403 says:

Even cheap Korean and Japanese cars with stop/start restart better

vena309 says:

I agree, just bought mine in the M-sport 335i 2012 and I love it! Get lots
of stare every time driving it.

5r4nd0n says:

youtube.com/watch?v=8SIsSHGrtq8&feature=g-vrec – yes, BMW’s are so reliable

Scott Shaun says:

Wish the designers would have found a way to save more of the E36′s
characteristics over the years..

Tactical_Otter says:

why wont they sell the diesel in the US its really popular in the UK?

Ron Nard Koay says:

The M spells for MONEY

AKCanadian says:

23/33 for the 335i !? Damn that 8 speed ZF is slick!

Jferrari427 says:

Not much car the money. Infiniti, Lexus, and Acura are best for the dollar.

vinhhsanityy says:

What’s the point of that?

Toyota4Life says:

Lexus LFA ? NO BMW has faster track times or handle better. and the 2012
ISF with the updated suspension has put down the same track time as the M3.
Last but not least on a recent test with the 2013 GS350 F-Sport it took
first place ahead of the BMW 2013 5 M Sport and 2013 Audi A6. It was noted
that the GS was a better handler then the 5 series and was more fun to
drive. There is a New IS on the horizon also. I cant speck for infinti an
Acura but Lexus is not joking around..

Mrchevy baja says:

It’s been a while since I have preferred a new 3-series, over the previous.
Usually its the other way around. The chrome bits that connect the grille
and the headlamps really works for me! As does that dash, and its funky
wood inlay. Well done!

MIAthe305 says:

all the M spells MMMMM but stands for Money

Triumph336 says:

keep the comparisons coming! The bits about frosted wheat and John Hodgeman
were great!

doctorbman says:

What a car!

marklal11 says:

best review of the 2012 3-series so far..keep it up!!

Jonathan Sporrong says:

Micah, you do the best reviews. Keep up the great work!

ratmtbola says:

Dude your username is ‘Toyota4Life’. Do you think that there’s any way that
I’m taking you serious when talking about a Lexus? Haha … no, most
certainly not. I don’t even want to waste my time talking to stuck up
fanboys. But one thing … Lexus GS better handling than a 5 series? Please
stop, I’m already laughing my ass off. Everyone from autocar, InsideLine,
Motortrend or whatever describes the GS’s handling has very flabby and
absolutely unsporty.

TheEryk03 says:

blah blah blah alweys the same bullsht.

jehan0 says:

Follow you heart- hinting @ manual transmission ….lolz good one ;)

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