2012 BMW 5 Series

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Patrick Kooijman says:

great additional information i hadn’t heared before:)

ezmaass says:

Lots of positive reviews here, but honestly – just another sales guy
blurting out what it takes to get a sale, including misinformation. BMW
didn’t “design” the run-flat tires on their cars – they source them from
people like Bridgestone and Continental who design them – RFTs are not
unique to BMW by any means. The gas filler door is on the same side of the
car in the US as it is in the UK – so let’s drop the nonsense about it
being where it is due to oncoming traffic ripping it off. If anything, the
more prevalent “rumor” is that certain manufacturers choose the side due to
fill-up safety (away from the road) in an emergency situation. But if
you’ve spoken to auto industry engineers and designers, they’ll tell you it
mostly comes down to the platform – some use left, others right, and
sometimes both left and right (e.g. Ford). No, the full iDrive controls
can’t be accessed from the steering wheel – you need to use the iDrive
controller for most functions outside of basic radio and telephone
functions, which can be accessed from the steering wheel (not counting
what’s accessible via voice control – still not everything). And 20-year
old discussion of B-pillar design?? Car manufacturers have been designing
B-pillars to aid in crashes and avoid trapped passengers for decades now –
again, not unique to BMW.

If this guy wanted to talk about ACTUAL 5-series benefits, how about its
dynamic dampers, which can make the ride firmer or softer over various road
surfaces. How about its active roll stabilization, which counters the
G-forces in a corner by actively apply torque to anti-roll bars to keep the
car flat. How about its heads up display that is best in industry,
supplying tons of valuable information on the windshield keeping the driver
from glancing down – even cool things like the current speed limit for the
road. How about the collision warning system that can detect if the car is
going to collide with something ahead and even apply the brakes to prevent
it? How about the pedestrian detection technology that can spot
pedestrians stepping off a sidewalk and into the path of the car. Or the
night vision technology that can help spot people or animals in the road at
night. I can go on – point being, there’s TONS of selling points for the 5
series, especially around safety, that weren’t even mentioned – and instead
we’re hearing about the tail light plastic material and rumors about why
the fuel filler door is on the right side.

While I appreciate that this guy is better than the average Joe at a
dealership, I still can’t stand the blatant sales BS. If you’re going to
give information, make sure it’s accurate and relevant… less someone buys
this car thinking BMW designed its tires, has the only safe B-pillar, or
uniquely has a right-hand fuel filler that keeps gas tank safe in side

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I have a 2014 550xi – it IS a wonderful
car… and I’ve been driving BMWs for 14 years, so I’m not knocking the
cars. I’m just not a fan of sales people spewing nonsense. Buyers should
get their facts from credible sources in making their decision to buy –
unfortunately, you just can’t trust what you hear from the guy at the

B BG says:

The most important thing, the essence of a BMW is ….. the DRIVING. Freude
am Fahren. So this is utter crap.

Mohammed Al Yafei says:

Loved the video

GirlGamerDax says:

Beautiful car.

MrGodders23 says:

Really good sales guy – just bought a 520d MSport – wish it was from him!

hemant bangera says:

where is my comment

Andrew Yang says:

wow he is so good.

toxik217 says:

As much as i love BMW and will probably always buy they re cars, u do get
trapped inside the car.. I did in my e39 and it was a 50 km/h crash

Andrew Yang says:

i would love to buy my car from him.

Ahmed Gahtani says:

Excellent Reviw – Thanks

TroyRx says:

This guy is a boss very informative

George McKean says:

I traded in my2010 5-series BMW for the 2013 Camry S.E. with the 2.5 liter
4-cylinder…that’s how impressed I am with this Camry. It handles as good
as my 5-series, and returns much better fuel mileage. Performance is quite
good, not as strong as the 6 cylinder BMW, but not too far behind. My Camry
cruises very easily at 100mph without even breathing hard. The quality of
the car is fantastic, very upscale. Toyota has really set the bar much
higher with the new Camry. This is a man’s sporty car

nyuu919 says:

thank you! bouble!

Robert Smith says:

@hany SAAD thank you someone finally understands that. BMW is a nice car
but it’s really not all that I traded my 335i 2012 for a 2013 srt8 charger.
I fell into the hype

Pmpbuh Pmpbuh says:

Xcellent and really deserves a special thumbs up. I am seriously looking
forward to making the best deal with NewboldBMW.

modderbox says:

Really great salesperson, I would love to buy a car from him

obasstanley13 says:

Good salesman.

Hector Rodriguez says:

Great information given by the rep. Very knowledgable. Thumbs up

Michael Scott says:

Got one for my 16th B day love it

ecordy says:

Thank you sir, I’ve learn’t a lot from you.

Alex Koch says:

Disagree Mercedes and Volvo best in Safety.. but video nice..

Nasir Mehmood says:

the best and complete car introduction i have ever seen on youtube. this
gentleman is really great to watch before buying a car

hany SAAD says:

Great presentation.. Bad car.. 240 hp at high price!! I can go for chrysler
300 v6 at 300 hp, much less price, slightly high fuel consumption, better
looking, panoramic roof, full size sedan, run flat tyres plus a spare tyre,
cooled and heated cup holders, better resale value, bigger infotainment
screen 8.4 inch, heated and cooled front seats, heated back seats, gps from
Garmin and adoptive cruise control.. All that at way lower price.

je0pee says:

Excellent review. I just sold my 523i 2010 today. I will get another one
next year.

Kiran C says:

This guy has more info than the car designer himself I guess ,, LOL

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