2012 BMW 528Xi Walkaround and tour

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Today I take you inside of a 2012 BMW 528i x-drive. Its a walk around and in-depth tour of the interior and some of the functions. I really like this car and all of the new 5 series’. I would…


Christopher Pakietur says:

Why would anyone dislike the joystick? One of the reasons why i want a bmw!

Andreas Lie says:

Doesnt have comfort seats, sport steering wheel with paddleshifters, tinted
windows, nice wheels, M-Sport package, rear seat entertainment, etc… 

noe name says:

No rear child locks? U sure?

kubed_zero says:

Thanks for the video. I just bought mine, and chose the beige interior
mainly due to what I saw in your video…so, thanks for helping me make my

Justice M says:

this is true BUT the specific model i had does not have the Comfort Access

Matty Lunn says:

great video ! very descriptive and helpful. thanks

Justice M says:

I can’t even afford this car… so SURE

Veyronp87 says:

very good video

jerichohalic87c says:

The gear shift. I couldn’t possible agree with you more !! Its actually one
of my favorite parts of the car. It compliments the interior so well. This
is one of my favorite cars. One of the things I dislike about it however is
the orange lighting in the interior at night.

DJXO1975 says:

Thanks for the video. Please let me add that on the American version, you
ARE able to close everything up without getting inside. Simply touch the
bars on the door handle, and hold. This will lock and button everything
back up

alin marian says:

i am poor, i can’t afford this car.can you buy it for me?

Justice M says:

No problem, Glad that I could help! And this car actually has the Black
Dakota Leather I believe. It is actually a family member’s occasional
driver and they have a thing for black in vehicles. But thank you for
watching and even more thanks for feedback

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