2012 BMW 6-series 640D Gran Coupe | Comprehensive Review | Autocar India

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With stunning looks and able performance, the new 6-series Gran Coupé should give stiff competition to the Merc CLS and the Audi A7.


shubhromu says:

“Glittering brown” in other words “shitazzle”.

shantanu parashar says:

Are you kidding me !!! First off, he sounds like Faggot. Secondly, Just
make a slight comparison to Jeremy clarkson,James May or Hamster, He lags
for off in the race. He sounds like he he is talking to his MAMA.

fish fingers says:

comes with chicken tikka and a cobra beer

Docash91 says:

K1F1 *thumbs up*



Sunaina Selvaraj says:

autocar india is the best.good job guys

siddharth gautam says:


Tejas Tasgaonkar says:

Its pronounced “Cou-pay”

hrishikesh shetye says:

seems to b noob.. pls do watch other gran coupe reviews before presenting
one duma** btw i would hv luved sexy model presenting sexy car like this.
neways , u might not b affording one.

Abinash@dilse says:

Kartik is d best presentor in autocarindia

Docash91 says:

Autocar doesnt need a swanky english speaking damsel to open their show..
Karthik alone rocks it.. *thumbs up*

asheesh tiwari says:

autocarindia = gandu salle

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