2012 BMW 6 Series Test Drive & Review

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Steve and Nort analyze the new 2012 BMW 650i convertible and compare numbers. Steve drives the new 6 series to see how it feels in person.


moneyCarsGuns says:


Ysn McAoui says:

This video is just AMAZING !

Brian Lang says:

Guess what? I did buy the car and have no regrets. Incredibly smooth and
way faster than what you would think for is weight. Very elegant interior.
Not exactly frugal in the gas consumption department but driving this car
makes you forget everything else.

Brian Lang says:

Fun and informative. Recently test drove the 650 and agree, way faster than
you would think for its weight. Drives effortlessly. Also tried the Audi
RS5 and although fast, no comparison. You have to rev the RS5 very high to
get that oomph from the car whereas it’s right there from the start when
you put your foot on the gas pedal in the bimmer. Think I’m going to go for
this car!

Gordon Gekko says:

Which music towards the end???

Ramiro Prado says:

I want one!!

srk7555 says:

Thanks..:) Steve

Kyle Rollins says:

absolutely love the 6 series (including the M6). my opinion, the best model
they got; even above the 7 series

dromor says:

how sb can hate that video?? its awesome :D

missedagain says:

i’ve never seen a white guy in a tie in a giant BMW with sunglasses on seem
so loveable and not-douchey.

Tyrone Ross says:

I cant tell you what to buy, but I would pick the convertible if I was in
such a lovely location, you are going to enjoy the weather more. Just test
drive both of them and pick the one you like the most.

Jason Lyn says:

next on my birthday wish

WhiteKnight says:

BMW is sooooo much better than MB.

Futurempmw says:

this guy is amazing

srk7555 says:

Thanks…:) Steve

xMc95Chrisx says:

Awesome reviews. My Favourite !!

srk7555 says:

Thanks! We hope you subscribe..:) Steve

p0rsch997 says:

please do a review for the 2012 3 series

ViCtor Gesztesi says:

I am cryin

srk7555 says:

@rickydavis86 – Thanks! We had a lot of fun making it. Stay tuned because
we have a lot more in store for ya..:) Steve

javixm says:

Doing your homework won’t get you this car. Learning how to build a
business will. Remember, none of your teachers built businesses, so they
can’t teach you what they don’t know. Find a good mentor. Don’t go to

Brandon N says:

anyone notice at 1:11 it says subscribe when you read the first letters of
each word?

Thaer Nofal says:

more BMW

Jasdeep Singh says:

You should review the bmw 7 series

rickydavis86 says:

Dude your awesome! That was a great video

Eric B says:

I’m pretty sure this guy could sell me everything I already own. And for a
higher price.

srk7555 says:

@richie2nice – We just did some quick video reviews at the DC auto show
that are being editied right now that include the new BMW 3 series. We are
planning to do a full video review of the new BMW 3′s in the next couple
weeks… so stay tuned! Thanks for subscribing…we appreciate it..:) Steve

dunti21 says:

Nice big, fat warning sticker on the sun visor, telling you that going fast
can kill you, or that staring into the sun will make you blind, ruining
that classy interior. Thanks America, don’t your people have common sense
or do they really have to be told not drive into lakes because their car is
not a life-saving device.

srk7555 says:

@syn4ptix – Ha!!! Guilty on both charges..:) Thanks for watching our
seriously “impaired” video! We’ll try to do better next time..:) Steve

Nathan Rosenstein says:

I thought I was in love with my 2011 3-series.. but now this video made me
think twice…..

Idontgiveashytt says:

this guy is so fucking boring

srk7555 says:

Thanks for the compliment. We hope you’ll tell your friends and “spread the
word” about our reviews so more people will tune in..:) Steve

CarbineGuy says:

Can someone sign this guy for a show to replace the American top gear?

GokuThe Saiyan says:

with they would….

Sline4 says:

thats a big ass screen 10 inches wow bigger then my dick i cannot own this
car now =/ ha..

srk7555 says:

Thanks a lot! We really appreciate it..:) Steve

nukstero says:

TOP GEAR JUST GOT OWNED CLARKSON if you are watchin thats a proper review

srk7555 says:

Thanks a lot. We had a ton of fun making it. Glad you enjoy..:) Steve

srk7555 says:

Say Hey Montreal Canada!!! Thanks for checking us out. It’s great to hear
from ya..:) Steve

MrStasHunter says:


America Top Ten says:

Whats de crack people…I just wanted to ask here,does enybody know if i
could suffer any consequences with a bought BMW 6 series convertible in de
bad weather conditions i am talking about the roof,i live in Austria in
alps were de temperature can drop in winter badly and snow bad…OUh ye and
iam talking about de soft roof not de hard roof..thank u

tommy605 says:

What insanely bad advice that is. “Don’t go to college”? Just a blanket
statement. Without knowing anything about what he wants to do. You assume
he wants to learn to build a business. Maybe he wants to go into
journalism? Or maybe even get into designing cars like this one day.
Excellent advice. Be sure to tell him where the welfare office too, since
more than 90% of businesses fail, he’s probably going to need some
government assistance to survive.

yiliceo11 says:

I want to buy all the car that Steve has tested, good review!

America Top Ten says:

European Quality BABY !!!!!!!!!YEAH I have this car its pure porn

alaa jaradeh says:

The best review video on youtube

TheEmmd says:

kos om almotor

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