2012 BMW 7 Series

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Our review and test drive of the current BMW 7 Series. For more info on this car and others, check out our web site: http://www.oaklandcarreview.com http://www.twitter.com/oaklandcar.


TheParis9453 says:

what model is this

sainteustatious says:

how did you get to test drive this

Streha says:

audi a8 2012 FTW

surviveC says:

there are too many settings or little gadgets in the car., i dont know how
to use half of them.

oaklandcar says:

Trust me their is a reason for the shoes.

Wally M. says:

@oaklandcar Swagg

EdzGarage says:

400hp… I’m in! My 325i is so not this car… lol

doomalz3eem says:

nice job ihave the 2005 model i hope i can change it soon to a new 1

oaklandcar says:

Yeah I know, it can take some getting used to driving them too.

n00bilor says:

@oaklandcar sure :))

Zach Tinawi says:

Good review. Ima cry. I will not be able to afford this ever. probably used
but not the same thrill.

oaklandcar says:

Thank You.

Spence says:

This guy reminds me of myself lol….Im a total car nerd and I’m only 17!:)

Amit Vadhwa says:

The car looks great, but the guy in the video was wired wearing casual
shoes with formal dressing…..lolzz!

Pazer92 says:

Great review! thanks guys <3

RootsRockRebel says:

You do a wonderful job on your reviews. Next to saabkyle04, the best I’ve
seen on YouTube.

Rytis Kazlauskas says:

D class?? don’t you mean S class?

oaklandcar says:

@sainteustatious We have a great relationship with our dealers, which is
the reason we’re able to what we do. Without them this would be impossible.
If you can, please support our dealers. Check out our website for dealer
contact info and in-depth text reviews.

Tarek Yacoub says:

good on you mate, loved the review done a great job. Thinking of buying
this or an X5 2010 3.0 bit rough to choose which

Robert Bryant says:

I assume for comfort? I wear zigs from time to time as well on the job.

TheGunmaster3d says:

beautiful car but the guy is wearing blue tie and shirt, khakis and a pair
oof reebok shoes, is that good fashion im not sure

mooazz says:

Mercedes benz D Class is much much better

toms000 says:


عبدالله سعد says:

like that

oaklandcar says:

ha thanks.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

Nice overview, thanks. Pulled one over today and they’re huge! Never
realised they were this big, it feels like a land yacht standing next to

Le Lamido de Rufisque says:

The day you’ll won to the Megamillion may be. Le Rufisquois

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