2012 BMW M6 Convertible Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

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Hello and welcome to Saabkyle04! YouTube’s largest collection of automotive variety! In today’s video, we’ll take an up close and personal, in depth look at …


Carlos Eduardo says:

i love this car

Harry peters shaun says:

Man I luv this car and ur videos 

Jullcss says:

good car, but price shit

Cade Milam says:

Can you review a BMW 4 Series please?

Saabkyle04 says:

There wouldn’t be a BMW 6 Series Coupe or Convertible without this sporty,
but very luxurious BMW M6. :)
2012 BMW M6 Convertible Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

Roger Blake says:

yes come to good dream car

SirDerpingston says:

The merc SL does

bigreef says:


hfhauiefaiefawefae says:

ur point?

D3vSt4r says:

No you wouldn’t

6cmh3 says:

Imma buy a gran coupe in the future :) I am in high school so not soon lol

georrex says:

…..and BMW is outstanding…..they make one of the best bikes in the
world…..the s1000rr for example…..BMW RULEZ!!!!!

Nathanael R. says:

No offense, but that comment made you sound like a bit of a douche. It’s
great that you have it good (if you’re being honest), but that comment to a
less than middle-class person (like myself) sounded quite arrogant.

Jodice Williams says:


moonc4lf says:

prettiest bmw

Nathanael R. says:

That pricing is for the 2013 model, not the 2012.

nicolasdemelio says:

keep on dreaming babyface! only the best of the best can afford cars over
110.000. you don’t have any idea how much fuel it will drink. if you save a
couple of hundred dollars every month you will be able to pay the insurance
for a couple of months. so why don’t you go looking for a 22 year old
beetle like everybody unless you’re brain surgeon! otherwise go watch

Akif Bayram says:

Why did he press the key button two times ?

rickprod says:

turbocharged or supercharged??

ChiliwarePC says:

You can start by learning grammar, and then go to school! :)

maxandsyd14 says:

I saw 1 today. The guy was most likely A boss.

Shawn Weed says:

I have the previous model M6 Convertible and really am envious of this
one…seems to have fixed some of the shortfalls in mine. I love the V10,
but as a long time AMG owner, I miss the torque…the new M6 has that in

Joanna Polińska says:

czy są czerwone?

happyshoppinglifeit says:

What model year is this?

Alaatin61 says:

This is the baddest BMW! Awesome vidoe Kyle. I filmed the Gran Coupe.

arman h says:


denislav7128 says:

cant believe bmw can make this car,realy nice car :)

imCamberr says:

Being smart and proactive is douchey? Did you even see the comment I was
replying to? My family isn’t even that well off, my parents are divorced,
my dad is dying of MS, and living off of disability. My mom is a single
parent, making enough to pay bills, take care of me, with a little extra
for a rainy day. My parents started saving for my education before I was
even conceived. I’m just doing what they want me to do, get a good
education, make money, be happy. And happy for me, is a supercar.

David Billa says:

13:19 bat vehicle :D ;)

Llamil Chaves says:

What model year is this?

imCamberr says:

Not sure what you thought it would be, the price is pretty reasonable.

William timmermans says:

*that I was

Tuan Le says:

Listening and watching this guy’s talking and video recording every single
car with the same strategy over and over is just borderline boring.
Nothing, interesting anymore. Not even if he’s introducing 2050 BMW M6. Lol

Jalen Minger says:

Can u do the 2013 land rover range rover

Emīls Millers says:

13:01 wtf i found that guy, hes doing.

jarvis junior says:

@chiliwarepc you suck! Lol

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