2012 BMW X1: 4 Guys In A Car Review

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Does the downsized SUV from Germany make any sense? It’s going to be sold in the U.S. next year (and receive a few changes in the process) but largely, will …


carlsbadtuber says:

4 GAYS in a Car ? ?

dkraciun says:

Good review, but it would have been nice to hear about the comfort level of
the two men in the back. It looked like their knees were pretty tight
against the seat in front of them. Any owners that can comment on Full size
(6ft male) adult back seat comfort?

Joshua Manglona says:

worst review possible?

AlternativeUses says:

ive been serious looking at purchasing this vehicle and the main thing that
draws me in is that you can get a fairly loaded x1 with the 3.0 turbo
engine (0-60 in 5.1 secs) for around the same price as a BASE 328i xdrive
sport line. ill have to see the interior/exterior in person but its very
appealing to get that engine for around 40K US with loads of std features
(xenons, power seats, moonroof, etc)

Jay Beamer says:

Shes a monster.

Poler777 says:

The real question is…why do you guys allow this obvious price
discrimination to go on?? Remember, you CAN specifically require pricing
parity with the U.S. There IS international precedence in banning price
gouging. You guys, being automotive journalists, should come together and
form a movement to end the price gouging. I mean why does a Mustang GT cost
$4K more in Niagara Falls than in Buffalo? “4 Guys In a Car” needs to
combat this unfairness for all Canadians.

pquackenbush says:

The rating should be 15/20, not 17/20

Anakin8th says:

It is funny how Americans make cars review and don’t even mention any
numbers about the cars performance. Comparing Honda to BMW? ix35? No wonder
Detroit bankrupted since you guys keep buying Asian stuff without any
understanding what really matters in the car You laugh at VW and you go on
and buy Honda? -___- Seriously?. TDI engines from VW deliver so much power
with such a low fuel consumption. With my golf 4, 13 YEARS AGO and AC off,
I had 2.9l /100km and 115 horse power. Now I have Audi A4.

KatiushaVN4 says:

2 couples?

janzeyellie says:

After car shopping for an absurd amount of time we finally purchased the
BMW. The Acura drives like a SUV, the BMW drives just like a car. Also, the
RDX interior had rather flimsy fake wood plastic pieces. We felt the RDX
was the family truckster and the BMW is the rally fun pack. And if you get
the reference you’re as old as me.

Autofocusca Canada says:

Yeah, totally absurd. Until you wonder what the purpose of adding
electronic nannies onto the car where they’re not needed is.

Autofocusca Canada says:

In Canada, where we are, base price is $36,999 plus a $2000 destination
charge (…which is close enough to 40k to say 40k.) In the US, where you
are, base price is $30,000. I mean come on! Rule number one for commenting
is to see where the videos are being made lol. ;)

you're cool too says:

I have driven with my door open many times: Ever get a car wash and wanna
see how you are in relation to the track? Moving a few feet parking tight
in a driveway, while communicating with others- I also have the door open.
Lots of times kinda annoying to be honest, but wouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Daniel Grilo says:

These guys lost me within the first 15 seconds. Driving with your door open
doesn’t work. Wow, how absurd! Idiots.

SFseis says:

Thank god my parents got the X1 25i which is a 6 cylinder 3.0l engine. Damn
BWM for dropping the L6 in favor for the 4 cylinder turbo charged engine!

KittyKatGotYa says:

I am in the UK and think I am going to buy this. When I do I will leave a
comment on how One Chick drives a BMW X1 Line watch this space lol

mathmatic26 says:

As you guys were four onboard what are your comments on the luggage space
and back seat leg room?

Pharaohthe84 says:

Totally did not realized that part of the video …. Lol my bad you guys !!
Should have been aware of the part lol :p

D W says:

You guys made no mention of the regenerative brakes on this car? I thought
that was a neat feature and it makes me wonder if you guys knew about
this…. because this is somewhat comparable to a lexus RX450h. SUV hybrids
are going to be big in the future.

dahhwits40 says:

Cool car/SUV. The base price as of now in the states, however, is in the
low the 30′s. The lowest model is not a xdrive, it’s a 2 wheel drive. I
don’t know if Canada has this but here in the states they are releasing
this car with a M sports package option. This option makes the interior
look flawless and also includes a exterior trim upgrades. I like this
vehicle in xDrive, it’s good for all sorts of terrain.

bigd78881 says:

VW has more problems in their power-train than BMW, not to mention VW is
known to have a lot of electrical issues with their wiring. VW is priced a
lot cheaper than BMW but you get for what you pay for.

mynamehaschanged says:

LOL You don’t even know how to spell the brand’s name.

zxcv12125656 says:

rubbish, ugly, useless car

Pharaohthe84 says:

Ok I’m sorry but these guys have no idea what they are talking about lol
the base price for this car is 30,000 not 40,000 I mean come on you
guys?!?!?! Rule number one for car reviews get the sticker price right lol
so almost fully loaded this car would cost you about 40,000 wow can’t
believe they got that wrong

ksk546 says:

Most awkward four fucks

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