2012 BMW X5 M Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2012 BMW X5 M. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this suv while showing de…


nos264 says:

Love the roar of that v8!

Slava Linchuk says:

How much it costs?

DJ CERON says:

SUPER!!!! Great job!!! Very nice video and tour of the X5.. Thank you.

Sooner says:

beautiful white color
the silver, blue and black are boring in streets now

Steven Martinez says:

Do one on the 2013 BMW X5

Szilard Agoston says:

nice car

Acura rlx sport hybrid sh awd says:

Love that chime!

parwein raj says:

Do a review of the 2014 BMW X5

Marius M says:

what a beautiful review

Jaden Khoo Hou Kit says:

Do a review of the x6 m please

Alieh Bahador says:

Bmw beats Honda’s butt

RandyG Gaming says:

nice car kyle 

singledate4 says:

wwow very very very nice…

Mustafa Kemal says:

i will hug you if you buy this car for me :)

stefano sabetti says:

This truck gives me a chubby

Андрей Носовец says:


Diego Moreno says:


Sunny Patel says:

spoilt shit, i bet ur parents paid for them… or ur just bragging,
congrats ur a twat.

Gabor Majer says:

jo gep

yamahonkawazuki says:

this has been kyles style since almost day one. we all appreciate it. some
however just dont. and never will.

dccarlove says:

He makes over $100,000 doing this, I think he has it covered.

cca1990 says:

Im 41 and never had a car, dont hate

ronn56100 says:

soooo lucky i mean you can drive most of the cars!! Best thing ever in the

quaresmasbiggestfan says:

Thanks for the vid, but why do you always have to click the unlock button
twice ??

dgigante says:

Thanks for taking the time to post this. It’s coming in handy as I choose
what to buy next.

kbw1970 says:

IMO I think it looks dope

falloutboyfreak12345 says:

@Bmwbmwz4x5 I know that I was wondering if it has it

nazirdjon says:

20Minutes i was waiting for him to drive it!

shinichiBLUE says:

what a pleasant start up noise :) my toyota feels like an assault to my
ears in comparison lols

bmwmsport11 says:

The 21″ rims on this…still too small. It needs bigger tires cause there’s
too much empty space in the wheel wells.

xNate416 says:

83k is a ton of money lol..

SilverDiamond55 says:

My mom has that same car except hers is black on black on black lol she has
a black exterior, black interior, and black rims :D

Razor Donato says:

You mean per year right??

MultiProfesorul says:

BMW X5 super cool

za1pp says:

I like it better than the x6

xNate416 says:

They must not know how to take care of it. People say the WK will need
repairs before 35k and my dad owns one. It is above 35k with no repairs
needed. All of the cars my dad has owned have gone over 100k with no
problems. Also, they were all American made. (cavalier, venture, jimmy
etc). So I dont care what happens to your friends.

Sunfadedlovejaded says:

The M should not have the panoramic roof, it should have the carbon top.

unforgiven4life says:

Whats The Difference Between and X5 M and X6 M?

Razor Donato says:

LOL, this guy makes videos for more than 3 years, still you think he need

강 상빈 says:

can u upload a video about e70 bmw x5 35d

Halona Cheney says:

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DannyLrides says:

who the fuck are you?


These cars look better on their website

Pempi says:

I like this car very much, We have “ONE” X6M in our city.

Barivure14 says:

It’s his job. He’s supposed to sound like that.

Mario Beky says:

And that makes 100 000 €

pranavhiralall10 says:

the start up sounds like someone in the toylet


Nice job

bierlichen1 says:


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