2012 BMW X5 Ultimate In Depth Tour – L@@K NOW!

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The Ultimate BMW X5 tour providing an awesome BMW review of the 2012 BMW X5. Watch as we take you through the BMW X5 Exterior, BMW X5 Interior, BMW X5 Test D…


Embezzler9 says:

I’ve got the XDrive50i. It’s a beast and that’s the one you should’ve

RetardoBastard1 says:

German cars – best cars, japanese cars – 2nd best car, italian cars – 3rd
best cars.

QualityImports says:

Yes work in progress

SoRichSoYoung says:


aditya kota says:

good job!

Joshua Jackson says:

Is he really tall or is the X5 really small?

William Hummel says:

You HAVE to do a video of the X1.

bornwithanattitude says:

what a nice review. this guy deserves his own channel reviewing all brands.

halldorarni22 says:

they are about the same speed. but i like the X5 a lot more it´s more
beautiful and has much nicer sound.

zuti071 says:

only run flat-no thanks

ratcat17 says:

Did you see it stop at 16:21 and bounce back and forth a bit? I always
thought there was something wrong with my 2001 when it did that but
apparently its normal. Not that its a problem. Actually My 01 is not that
much different from the 12 although I would love that anyway!

ebuff57 says:

Nice but it’s awful short. Might as well just buy a car instead.

1980syria says:

Great review … i love the x5

562Krylon says:

after watching this video i decided to get a mercedes instead of the x5

Charlie Carol says:

Great review. Very honest and pratical.

Thee90M says:

the background music is annoying i wish the speaker voice was louder

DulferCarter says:

Sir, R there any of these cars made in Germany by real Germans?I know,it’s
the same according specs. licensed by BMW but somehow I’d rather get 1
somewhere else than China.Thanks.Tremendous review,professional.

MrTianak69 says:

great review!!!

slovsp says:

Yes! I’d like to see that one as well.

Matt Kelleher. says:

That wasn’t professional.

Muhammet Çelebi says:


chendongchen says:

Since when are twin scroll turbos proprietary to BMW??

Juan david Amaya roman says:

Great video, great car.

florida538 says:

nice job

Eric Brandon says:

great video! can you do an in-depth tour of the new x3?

Tuan L says:

Sorry, notice an error. Is a X5 M, not M X5 (that’s what you call Mazada
Mita). Proud owner of an 08′ X5 4.8 w/Sport 20″, next X5 will be an M

Oleg M says:

Great review, Thanks!!!

DulferCarter says:

Best review I’ve ever seen ,amazing driving too.Sir,you have convinced me
indeed.X5 rules!

Steven Good says:

Great review could have done without the background music though and the
guy wasn’t bad looking either ;)

Yaumilful says:

okay.. i like your review. dude.

leumas nehol says:

Almost as good as a Cayenne!!! :)

leumas nehol says:

yesss…. there 19:14 Cayenne tataaaaa :))

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