2012 BMW X6 M Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2012 BMW X6 M. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this sport activity vehic…


templar knight says:

This car looks so awesome with the quad exhaust tips.

Stefan Stefke Trninić says:

Great car, but red color is ugly. 

MadNinjaSkills says:

MY DREAM CAR! i only wish a could afford it… please someone buy it for

Gio Gogilashvili says:

Heyy +Saabkyle04 Could you Make A Review Of AUDI Q7 W12 6.0 TDI Pleaseeeee
… = ] or A6 Allroad 2006 V8 Pro Line 4.2 – This One –

smartprince23 says:

< Arab BMW X6M!

Bjork Vlogdok says:

What a monumental flop, well done BMW! -.-

Paul Berzunt says:


o0Maggot0o says:

Dear Santa,

soare95 says:

review audi q7 3.0 tdi twin turbo ? q7 nothelle edition

EaZeQuiKzz says:

kyle you have beautiful hands. i wish i was like you.

zoran grahovic says:


Eric Gould says:

look at this nice car. so unreal

Bence Gáll says:

A kedvenc kocsim bmw x6.

X6Rsck says:

bmw x6 rear seat conversion kit !

TheOriginalKushMan says:

top man


Well i know a lot of high school kids got a x5 or x6m for their 17 birthday
gift in vancouver. A lot of responsible parents want their children to
learn to drive in a safe car. I think when you get to university you can
get a real sportscar like Lamborghini or Ferrari.

XCr0ss says:

either way you hate or love this car i love it !

kkingss4 says:

that think is a cum machine

TheGodfatherSahil12 says:

I agree with you that this is an extremely pointless car, but the only good
things about it is its handling and performance capabilities.

Jin Kangsta says:

way too sophisticated and comfortable…cars for grannys

brunomozart says:

I don’t know why this interior is so poor… I mean, the seats are nice,
but the rest is so old. Would be nice an M6 exterior and a Cadillac
interior. Or Cadillac interior and Cadillac exterior XD

Khalil Al-Nokhada says:

Now I hate being poor :(

Germandriver says:

I just saw it. That was GROSS! I hate BMWs and now I hate them even MORE!

mando vitsl says:

cheif keef

X6Rsck says:

hahaha bmw x6 :) rear seat conversion kit 5 passenger! It’s cool bmwx6.eu

SuperSuperAllons93 says:

I drive an Alfa Mito, but I’m sure an Audi driver would park in a similar
if not worse fashion ;)

IckbenArieefx says:

1. It’s a BMW 2. It doesn’t look so great 3. Can’t afford it

olli tuovinen says:

The manliest car evah.

Danny Yousif says:

This is the sexiest car I swear

Leonardo Marin-Tirador says:


Foong Lih Xyuen says:

Wtf!!love this car so much !! But dunno why many guys hate this car???o_0

Nelson baii says:

my dream car

burnout8393 says:

I believe this is the only model of BMW that I haven’t been tailgated
and/or cut off by.

tintintin2003 says:

interior design is too bad ! dont like this car at all !

Claudius Gordon says:

that’s my next ride

austyn pollard says:

I like this car better than the x5

Azhar Kareem says:

I drove this X6 n it was just awesome , great power

Amer ibrahim says:

i had sex in X5

Macumbação Extrema says:

Yeah, If I were you I’d would not get the car because of that

Amir Šabanović says:

“Take My Breath Away” by Berlin. From “Top Gun” soundtrack.

plt tn says:

same order of doing things same words and same comments

GaNgStAlBeRt says:

if i would buy an suv i would buy this one ! its actually a nice car

daskriege says:

Do you guys receive instructions from the BMW Office in Munich to make
those videos and post them on youtube ??

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