2012 BMW Z4 roadster first look from Consumer Reports

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The Z4 roadster is the first BMW to feature the new 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. BMW lent Consumer Reports a Z4 to try out at the track.


ex0gen says:

I have a 2008 Z4 3.0si Coupe, and it has electric steering. All Z4′s from
03 on had it except the M versions which were from 06-08. I actually don’t
mind mine so much. Yeah I agree it isn’t as good as hydraulic, but if they
do it right, it feels ok. I think this review is a bit misleading in that
not everyone has a big problem with electric steering and honestly I’m one
who doesn’t prefer it but other cars are FAR worse. BMW didn’t exactly ruin
it either.

Soeseo Thailand says:

Wow, like it!!

Denmark Rupee says:

the accent is distracting

reevsaj says:

“It’s extremely tight…” It’s a roadster, what did you expect?

jovianksc says:

this guy is horrible at reviewing cars

shaggyusm26 says:

@newengland72 HAHAHA I was thinking that EXACT phrase!

Tail finz says:

doesnt look that good

BIGCHRIS7600 says:

@judah777 lol I know we have GOT to see this

Heathishness says:

Wow, did he just say that the SLK is better? I don’t think that has ever
happened in the history of the Z/SLK competition. I really like this car. I
think it is all kinds of beautiful. It does look really small though. These
days I tend to be attracted to larger vehicles. I do own an SLK though.

vaztion says:

This guy is TROLL! Lol

MrTrollYourAss says:

he’s a dumb fuck, fire him

torogami2 says:

Wow, a poor review for BMW BY CR, again. As a bmw fan, if this car really
isn’t that good i’d own up to it, but nothing said from CR about bmw’s can
be taking with any credibility

newengland72 says:

World’s heaviest, most expensive Miata…

Andy Yarnell says:

This is a sports car, no? The person buying this car is not going to be
upset about how “ungracious” it looks to get into and out of this car.
Again, the person buying this car is not buying it for the luggage room.
CR, when are you going to hire some people with personality to host and
write these videos??? Give me a TRY!

BassWhiz92 says:

Nobody should drive a Coxster

techdude6693 says:

Damn at 1:33, the car looks tiny

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