2012 BMW Z4 S-drive 28i 2.0T Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2012 BMW Z4 with the all new 2.0L turbocharged 4 cylinder replacing the base straight 6. More power overall,…


Dallas Webb says:

That’s NOT a first aid kit. It’s added room for the trunk. A pull through
for ski’s or golf clubs.

Mr330d says:

tire shined up like a BOSS

peremen says:

sound looks like a diesel

bak Artur says:


Phi Sel says:

Nothing to be compared with a 6 in line cylinder.

ArcliteTANK says:

It should have a VTEC engine. 

leatkingable says:

what’s up with the antenna.

yarin netzer says:

can you please do a review on the new BMW Z4?

Alan Freshprince says:

my teacher has this…. 

Robert Jafari says:


נעם דיין says:

tjis is my bmw z4!

Hemivision555 says:

Hey Kyle, can you do a 2013 28i m sport with a (MANUAL TRANS) for some of
the purists out there who appreciate a proper sports car. Thank you and
keep up the good work…(the best and most detailed reviews out there). I
notice you’re getting tons of hits now. Awesome!!

John Walker says:

Having owned a BMW with the N52 engine, I can honestly say I prefer the 4.
To me the sound isn’t objectionable, and that’s primarily because the six
sounded like nothing at all. I’d rather hear noise when I hit the gas than
complete silence. The turbo 4 is also a torquier engine, accelerates just
as smoothly, and with less throttle lag…

scottievand says:

That’s the sound of a four cylinder engine, my friend.

sage11x says:

Omg, that car is SO……….. Ugly. Why the hell would you buy this over
the new boxer? You’d have to be insane.

Nyana11 says:

are you still masturbating .dude ?

TheCarnoisseur says:

Most in depth reviews on YouTube! I love it when he says shall we. Polite
and informative. The engine sounds pretty peppy and the car emulates pure

whatwhatwhatyousayin says:

It’s funny because you are completely wrong and sound dumb for saying this
car should have a v8. Why does it need a v8?

pugnodipolvere says:

very nice car

ElGrantus93 says:

it’s going well, thx for asking :) how’re you going?

brymas says:

“Sound of Winter” by Bush

sebastian vaz says:

dear santa

Logan Cramer says:

Clearly you guys don’t know the reason for the 4 cylinder. The six cylinder
did all the things the 4 can but the four is dual turbocharged engine. But
it gets 33 MPG highway. It’s also smooth.i own one

popacap21 says:

I love german cars.. but I also love my genesis coupe lol

Yair Felix says:

this car makes me a orgasm…

Djonkie Bonk says:

Yeah but they should have still offered a base model with the NA I6 motor.
The sound just doesn’t quite do it for me and although the performance is
great the entire package just isn’t there. I’m sure whatever money you save
in fuel with this 4 banger will just go to replacing the turbos, seals and
other engine work that will be required since it’s far more complicated.
I’d take an older Z4 with the I6.

supervette2000 says:

A roadster is a two-seat convertible.

Thomas Williams says:

the previous model looks way better.

fish fingers says:

5.6 secs, thats the same as my old maserati 222.. this thing is fast

steamwin says:

WTF up with the thumbs????

xEazyC187x says:


DRKNGHT80 says:

prefer the old z4 coupe looks more manly than this hair dresser’s car

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